Saturday, 23 June 2012

Mum's Little Boxes

My Father gave Mum these little boxes
over several years

She always kept them on this tray which....
Dad was given  on his retirement

Some have further inscriptions under the lid!
This one says
St Valentine's Day 1980

This one is a tribute to Charles and Diana
on their wedding 1981

I am showing them it no particular order of importance as each has its own memories! 
Mum gave them to me a couple of months ago and I keep them as she did...
and enjoy she did

Inside: "A Year to Remember"
It was the year of my Mother's 60th birthday!

October is the month of their marriage!

St. Valentine's Day 1979

This is a tribute to the Queen Mother
on her 80th birthday.

Mum share's the same birthday
and was 60 that day!

This last is one that Dad gave meand so....
extra special to me!

"When this you see...remember me"

I'm joining Beverly at Pink Saturday


  1. Thanks for sharing those, they are beautiful ... you've made me go shivery with the last one, such lovely memories. xxx

  2. Oh these are so sweet,especially with the memories. xxoo

  3. Such wonderful memories from these beautiful boxes!

  4. Such charming little boxes. We have a few similar things that belonged to my husband's grandmother. Ours are smaller, I think. Pill boxes.

  5. They are wonderful and such great memories to go with them makes them that much more special!

  6. I remember getting up very early in the morning to watch Charles and Diana's wedding. It looked so much like a fairy tale of a Ciderella. I sent a condolence card to the young Princes.
    What precious memories from your mum. Truly lovely.

  7. Oh, these are just wonderful!!! And you would not believe, I collect little boxes like this, too! And this gives me an idea to post them some time, I will do that. I had not thought of putting them on a tray, what a splendid idea. Most of them are put away in a closet now. Boxes are wonderful because they have so many possibilities as to what is inside. You always get a surprise.

  8. That is a wonderful collection of little boxes. At one time, I was collecting similar ones, but I don't even know where they all are now. :/ Hope your weekend is wonderful. Tammy

  9. so beautiful and the need to simplify life makes the size of this collectable even more appealing, they are so tiny yet hold so much meaning, how beautiful, I'm happy you love them as much as your mum did, I think the last one your Dad gave you is my favorite

  10. They are each one so beautiful and precious...something for you to treasure forever. What a sweet father to give you a perfect gift. It's nice to keep them altogether to enjoy!

  11. I, too, love little boxes like these. I'm so happy they all have such wonderful memories for you and your sweet mom. It's really great when little things go from one generation to another with the sharing of the past.


  12. What beautiful little boxes. I particularly like the second from the bottom.

    Regarding chemo hats - another reader has said she may be able to contribute a knitted hat pattern. If so you can be sure it will show up on the blog! Thanks for your interest.

  13. What a beautiful little selection of pretty boxes. Your dad sounds as if he was a bit of a romantic! Lovely that you have now been given these boxes to admire and treasure. I can quite understand why that last one would mean so much to you.

  14. What a thoughtful lovely man. things to treasure.

  15. Those little boxes are very sweet and a special heirloom for you to have.

  16. oh how sweet! I like the tradition they had with the boxes and the special messages engraved on some of them! I'm sure this is something you'll treasure forever!


  17. Love the tiny boxes with individual memories tied to each one. Your dad was a tender soul . . .

  18. Those are so special...I know that mean so much to you. You dad was very nice to give you such a sweet momento. Enjoy this weekend, Susie

  19. These are lovely -- I love small things, and especially small boxes. Thank you for sharing these!

  20. Absolutely gorgeous! Happy pink Saturday.

    Come and see my PINK entry, when you get a chance, thanks!

  21. Those are beautiful. A keeper:)

    Visiting for Pink Saturday- hope you can stop by..

  22. What wonderful special memories each box brings. You are so lucky to have them.

  23. I love the last box, with the forget-me-nots, the Alaska state flower!

  24. Very lovely post and how wonderful to have these small treasures to remember your mother.

  25. A beautiful collection thanks for sharing them with us. Anne x

  26. Oh these are beautiful and the memories attached are priceless. Hug B

  27. Those are really cool. Glad you have something so special to hold onto. Thank you for sharing.


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