Thursday, 7 June 2012

Quick View of Dale

As it was a beautiful evening
we decided to have a leisurely drive
through the village of Dale

We knew we were approaching the village
by the ponds on our left

I'm afraid that most of the photos
have been taken through the front window of the car, whilst hubby drove,
 and so some are a little fuzzy!

As we drove down the hill we could see
the village of Dale 

.......and so we arrive at the village.

              Looking out to sea from the sea front

.......and to the east side

looking out to sea... and zooming in...


There are forts,
built in case of invasion by Napoleon, 
all along this estuary

So we drive
around the one way system of this village


..........past the Castle......

............and the church on our right....

.........and the entrance
to the walled garden belonging to the castle

along the road edged with colour


Some of the photos are a little blurred!

We head back out of the village......

I hope you agree
that it was a lovely visit...even though fleeting!!


  1. What a lovely drive! Thank you so much for taking us along!

  2. A lovely drive and great pics too... marvellous, how lucky you are to live amongst such beauty all the time... its pouring here, hope you are not all too rained out as well!!

  3. Wow-What a beautiful view and what a sweet town. The sea and stone walls are amazing to look at. What a delightful little place-xo Diana

  4. I really like the picture of the village with the water you took as you drove down the hill. It's like a postcard village. Wonderful!

  5. You drove past a castle...and could see a fort in the distance! Those are things I can only imagine. It's so nice to come here and be amazed by your photos! What a lovely drive!

  6. Thank you so much for the trip, I have enjoyed it immensely!!! I love that red boat out on the water, and the beautiful wildflowers, are they heather? The wall looks like a dam, is it? And it looks to be right at the side of a highway! I love the castle and church....always wanted to go there and now I can see some of the beauty.

  7. The scenic trip was fun Joan! Thank you for allowing me to ride along.

  8. Joan (also my sisters name) you live in a wonderful area. The flowers along the road make a trip worthwhile. Thanks for sharing your beautiful drive.

  9. Love visiting Dale. You say WE do I am confident someone is driving and you are the one taking pictures. I like all the stone in the architecture. Lovely day trip . . .

  10. Oh, I enjoyed the drive with you. Very much. Can we go on a few more?

  11. Hello, such beauty. What great photos.

  12. Thank you for such a lovely trip! I just love that you take so many photos and share them with us! Dale is lovely and I enjoyed your Castle, and church and flowers and the seaside! Well, I guess I love just about everything about you trip!


  13. So beautiful Joan!!!
    : ) Kris

  14. I always love looking around Pembrokeshire so thank you. and I too spend a lot of time taking photos through the car window!

  15. What a lovely evening drive. Jx

  16. beautiful pictures and fun time! enjoy your day!

  17. I enjoyed your tour so much. I feel like I am right there myself! The flowers by the roadside are lovely and also your blue china in the previous post is SO beautiful!
    Thank you for sharing,

  18. Beautiful..Thank you for taking me along on your drive.
    Hugs & JOY

  19. What a lovely drive! I received a Sunshine Award and One Lovely Blog award and have passed them on to you :)

  20. First time visiting your blog and commenting; I had to stop by seeing what your name of the blog was :) Beautiful area you live in; I enjoyed seeing your pictures of Dale; looks like a nice place to take a ride too!



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