Tuesday, 26 June 2012


I picked up this lovely African Violet,
in a flower shop 
and decided
to have a violet theme on my dresser

I added a mixture of Aynsley and Spode china

The Aynsley china is called
Wild Violets

The Spode....
Victorian Violets!

                I think the African Violet is beautiful
                            with it's fluted petals
      ....perhaps I'll try and strike some leaf cuttings!

I thought that I would post a picture
of a cluster of violets
that I saw growing in the hedge
on the way home a couple of months ago


  1. I love the china! It goes with your violets so nicely :)

  2. Hi Joan. I have been sick, and am catching up with all of my favorite blogs now. The violets are so pretty next to the lovely violet themed china on your dressing table. And the previous post about the beautiful boxes your Dad gave to your Mum just thrilled me down to my toes. How lovely...and how wonderful that your Mom has given them to you now!!! Very special!!!!!
    XO Kris

  3. So nicely put together Joan and beautiful!

  4. Hello Joan: Violets are blue and your's are so beautiful too!..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  5. Beautiful violets.
    I have a giant violet that was my precious Grandmothers when she passed away I took it and repotted it. It has grown so big and beautiful. Her way at smiling at me.
    Love & JOY


  6. Such a pretty plant I love the frilly petals and the china is lovely too.

  7. I love African violets. What a great idea to have a violet theme on your dresser! Pretty china!

  8. So pretty, well done! Enjoy the rest of your week. Hugs, Anna

  9. Love all the violets on your dresser. SOOOOOO charming. I love violets. So sweet and delicate. Thanks for sharing. Susan

  10. Oh- How beautiful! I love sweet violets! Still in the mountains here with limited internet but I am trying to play catch up- xo Diana

  11. How sweet and dainty....like your charming dishes :)

  12. Your real and china violets are so very pretty all grouped together. The violet is my birth month flower -- February. :) Have a beautiful day. Tammy

  13. I just love violets. My grandmother and I used to always look for them early in the Spring when I was young. Sometimes they would have two darker petals on the flower and they were softer, she called them velvet-eared violets.
    Your dishes are lovely.

  14. Oh, this is just beautiful!!!!! You are quite artistic. i love all kinds of violets. My friend has African Violets and tells me they are easy to care for,I had thought they were very hard to maintain.

  15. Joan,
    All your things look perfect together. So pretty ! I had a violet once , it lasted a very long time. Smiles to you, Susie

  16. Joan, purple in any shade is my favorite color and perhaps it's connected with my birth month being February and having the ameythst as a birthstone. I have never had any sucess with violets and hope yours remain as lovely as in these photos.

  17. I love it. The china is so delicate and beautiful. What a wonderful collection.

  18. Lovely violets and China Once uponn time I worked in the Royal Woorcester/Spode factory.

  19. I love your china. My goodness.

    Love it on your dresser with th flowers..


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