Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Patio Rose

Three years ago, some of the students that I was working with
gave me this patio rose.

It was absolutely beautiful
...a big plant with loads of roses blooming on it.

I've lost the name tag
but I think it was named 'Sweet Dreams'

After it had finished flowering I put it in the garden and didn't see it for a while.

Last summer I found it
and it looked so unhappy
I stuck it(that is the operative word for I certainly can't say 'planted with care')
in a pot standing on the back patio.

I found it a couple of days ago and thought that It was looking so nice I would share it with you!

When we moved here, nearly 16 years ago,
I brought a little blue flowered hebe with us and planted it in the patio borders.

The heavy snow and ice,
a few years ago,
 killed it and I was so disappointed!
Then last summer I found a little seedling and....
'stuck' it in a pot on the patio.....

yes....you've guessed.......

It is flowering beautifully...and doesn't it look lovely with the rose?

If I'd tried to plan I probably would not have thought of putting these two together

But I think that one compliments the other very well!


  1. So pretty together. I love roses but can't grow them in my yard since I have limited sunlight.

  2. One never knows what goes with what. It's gorgeous!

  3. The Rose is a lovely colour, so delicate....I do love roses!

  4. The rose goes perfectly with the hebe. Both harmonizing lovely colors.

  5. Very pretty! I'm so looking forward to moving to a place where there are no watering restrictions-so that I can have flowers.

  6. So beautiful Joan! The colours are lovely together.


  7. A lovely combination and each shares memories of a special time...

  8. A perfect pairing! I'm so happy for you that they both came back!

  9. Yes indeed! The combination is very pretty! I love how that hebe grows. Hope your day is great. Tammy

  10. That pot looks gorgeous, such a happy accident of planting. Wonder if you'll start a gardening trend?!

  11. They do go very well together, I love yellow roses but mine died a few years ago and I have not replaced it as yet. Sometimes plants do decide where they feel happiest don't they?

  12. Amazing how nature works isn't it. The flowers are beautiful.

  13. What amazing flowers - they really do look lovely together.

  14. A most perfect combination! Great job. Susan

  15. What a beautiful rose and that sweet little flower is the perfect combination for it- xo Diana

  16. I have always loved lavender and yellow together - since I was a little girl. A perfect combo!

  17. That rose is gorgeous! I like how you added the other plant with it; very nice look!!


  18. What a nice surprise for you -- love the color combination! :)

  19. I love yellow roses. What a beautiful combination. I am glad it came back!!!

  20. This is so beautiful! Yellow roses are one of my favorites! And any blue or purple flower - just love them. I don't plant roses, as they usually require too much care, but I sure love looking at other's gardens and the love they show!

    Thank you for sharing! I love your photos!


  21. They are just lovely. I would have never thought of this, but you have an eye for beauty. I love the color of the rose.

  22. Lovely results "by accident.":)


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