Monday, 15 October 2012

Trip to Amroth

It was a glorious day last Friday and ........
I fear I was suffering from Cabin Fever
(having been in more or less for the last 3 weeks)
So I persuaded Hubbie to take me to Amroth...
one of my favourite places!

On the way we stopped for a little while
at Wiseman's Bridge and enjoyed the lovely views

In the distance we could just see .......
the church spire atTenby....

.......and even closer the village of Saundersfoot

.......and closer still Coppet Hall Beach

Wiseman's Bridge is a lovely beach with
just a few houses and the pub. 
We head on to the next bay.

Amroth is a pretty village with houses,
shops and pubs

and, over the bump, the long beach with a castle

whose grounds have been changed
into a caravan park

I had a walk along the front and sat on the wall thinking of the summer time
when the place is heaving with visitors.....

You can just see Pendine Sands in the distance.

This beach is 7 miles long and several Land Speed attempts were made on it.
On 4th Feb 1927 Malcolm Campbell reached speeds of over 174mph
and later on 3rd March 1927 ParryThomas
was killed when the drive chain broke, killed him
 and his car
 crashed into the sand dunes!

I love sitting on the wall watching people walking along the beach
Looks like the seagull enjoys it too!

I'll look forward to walking again next year!

We travelled back over the bump to the little village

I'm ready for a coffee

I usually go into Pirates as they make a good cup of coffee and spotlessly clean!

But today I decided to sit outside and enjoy the sun and the fresh sea breeze!

What's that on the beach?

It's time for home
How I have enjoyed this afternoon!!

I'm joining Rural Thursday


  1. What beautiful photos Joan!!!! So glad you were able to get out for such a nice little trip!!!
    XO Kris

  2. What a nice place to go to get away from the cabin fever. I enjoyed the tour.

  3. There's something really special about out of season seasides! Glad you managed to get out and about for a bit. The pictures are lovely - especially all the big skies. Jx

  4. You must be improving to be able to go out for the day! I do believe in the restorative powers of the sea air. LOVED seeing all those places! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. I am so glad you were feeling well enough for a day out Joan. You got some lovely photos for us all to enjoy!

  6. Such a lovely beach to enjoy the fresh sea air and overcome cabin fever! So glad that you are feeling up to a little excursion to these beautiful and interesting places.

    I grew up in a town called 'Pembroke' in New England. I guess they left off the 'shire' for some reason. Probably settled by people from Pembrokeshire!

    Thank you for the lovely beach tour. Hope your week is happy! xx

  7. Glorious images of a wonderful day - wish I'd have been there too :o)
    Rose H

  8. All that wide open space - I could so fall in love. Just gorgeous,

    Nina x

  9. These lovely photos make me long for a trip to Wales worse than ever!! (and that's saying a lot). What beautiful views.

  10. Thrilled you were able to get some "cabin fever" relief!

    Loved the flat stone sculpture . . . I wish I had some of those stones . . .

    Wonderful photos . . .

  11. If I had this kind of scenery, I'd never put my camera down!

  12. Thanks for taking us along on your cabin-fever-breaking trip! I so love to see the sea :) So glad you are healing! xx from Gracie

  13. What a beautiful trip, gorgeous beach. Hope you are still healing and getting better everyday.

  14. What a gorgeous wide-open sky full of lovely clouds ... and a beautiful sea beneath. So glad you had a Grand Day Out!

    I like that rock sculpture. :)

  15. Glad to read of your day outing, Joan. It seemed like a lovely day to be at the beach, if perhaps a bit too chilly to be actually walking on it, but the views are always nice.

  16. Beautiful.
    I see why its your favorite place.
    Love & Prayers

  17. What a beautiful outing - the perfect cure for cabin fever! The village and beach are very charming.

  18. Love the rock sculpture! A gorgeous drive.

  19. what a beautiful place! i've been really wanting to get out on a road trip too....our weekends have been tied up with football but that will soon be over so we'll have some spare time for a trip!

  20. Fantastic photography of beautiful places ~ lovely day for you and hubster ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  21. Thankyou for sharing this post have spent many happy hours at al of those places just love it there. Anne x

  22. oh wow how lovely to go back there. We once went to the museum about the speed records on pendine sands. xxx

  23. Drooling over your lovely pics of charming little villages and wonderful beaches. So nice to get out and clear your head and soak up the scenery.
    Love the sunshine on the sea giving it that silvery sheen......

    CLaire :}


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