Thursday, 11 October 2012


Thank you all so much for your many messages and support over these last weeks

I would like to show you
some of the lovely flowers I have received

I'm not sure about the mouse in this one....
I thought my daughter's cat was supposed to be seeing to these!

I love the robin though!

             The lovely arrangement above was
                       from somebody special

I was so touched by these ...they were from some Church leaders in Torquay!

These lovely flowers were sent to me by our local florist Tussie Mussie
I was just so blown away that they should do this!!
They signed the card
'Love from your Tussie Hussies'
I just laughed and laughed!

I just loved the scent of the lavender and.....
those lovely little blackberries!!

Kindly made this washbag ( with long straps to go over my shoulder when I was on crutches)
the makeup bag to match

The waterproof blue lining looks good too!
I had so many people compliment me on them!!

Also, I'd like ideas.
This is my new coat.  It's a totally different colour from the ones I usually wear

  I thought I'd try and crochet a scarf.
These are the only wools I have at home

This last picture is probably the best
for the colour of the coat
So.....any suggestions re wools, colours and patterns please??!

Welcome to my new followers...I look forward to getting to know you!

I'm joining Jann, today, for Share Your Cup Thursday


  1. Those flowers are beautiful and certainly would cheer any recipient! How lovely. I like the color of the coat and would choose a darkish cream color to go with it - but that's just my opinion.

  2. Looks like a beautiful new coat, shades of the blues or cream colors would look very nice with it. I liked the robin too!

  3. The flowers are beautiful . The well wishes are great to get when we are feeling low. Love your new coat color. Just about any color would go well with it. Smiles, Susie

  4. The flower arrangements are all beautiful and so is your new coat. I think a burnt orange or cranberry scarf would look very nice with it.

  5. Beautiful flowers!! Use which ever color makes you smile!!

  6. I hope you are continuing to improve and feel better. You sure have some beautiful flowers to enjoy...even with the mouse! heehee! And I love your new coat. A pretty wine red color or burnt orange would look nice! Take care of yourself! Sweet hugs!

  7. So lovely to have cheery flowers close by! I feel like getting out a bit of wool myself. Hope your day is lovely!

  8. What caring friends you have :D

    I wonder, would the blue in the last picture and the green combine to make a scarf worthy of the coat? Hard to tell from photographs.

    I do hope you're feeling very much better x

  9. I love the boot, with the mouse and bird!

  10. Lovely flowers, I bet you love looking at them all day long. I love the green with the coat, but any of them look great. Hope you are continuing to get better.

  11. I'm so sorry you've not been well - the flowers look lovely.

    Here's wishing you a speedy recovery.

    Nina x

  12. How lovely that people were so thoughtful...just goes to prove you are as lovely as we blog followers thought!Blessings and recovery wishes are sent your way,hope you are feeling better each new day xx

  13. I do hope you recover soon and the flowers must surely lift your spirits, as they are so lovely and thoughtful. I am your newest follower, your blog is beautiful and you live in an amazing place. Thank you for stopping by and visiting! Isn't it marvelous that we can find new friends all over the world? Take good care. xx

  14. I've heard it said the heart is not judged by how much we love but by how much we are loved by others...

    You are OBVIOUSLY very much loved my sweet friend. Blessings to you as you continued to recover. God is good. Healing is in His hands.

    Love to you~


  15. I hope you are making a good recovery. Those beautiful flowers must have helped to lift your spirits. People can be so kind, can't they?

  16. Hi Joan, What thoughtful friends and family you have-I love all the flowers and I'm sure they helped encourage you. Your coat is lovely and I think the color you picked is just perfect. Have a great evening.
    Hugs, Noreen

  17. I actually like the color you chose! The flowers are lovely! They are a thoughtful gesture from your friends and family. I hope your recovery has proceeded as it should.

  18. You must be well loved to get so many nice flowers. Here is a virtual flower from me... ===={=((@)) I think your coat is lush and can't wait to see the scarf with it. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  19. Thanks for sharing your lovely flowers and gifts with us Joan. They cheered and encouraged me as well! I have enjoyed visiting some of your last posts and getting to know you a bit better. You do live in a beautiful spot. I have been blessed to live in some awe inspiring locations across the USA. My favorite was Crescent City, CA, where my husband and I lived two blocks from the ocean. One of your posts reminded me of a post I wrote that mentioned how the early settlers swam their flock of sheep out to Castle Rock to graze in the summertime. May you continue to be blessed with healing, xx from Gracie

  20. What lovely flowers they certainly could brighten anyones day. I love the colours of the wool you chose.

  21. Hi Joan, Thanks so much for coming to my blog. Please come back anytime. I am sorry to hear about your back surgery---but it sounds like you are doing well.. Just take it easy!!!!!

    You received some beautiful flowers, cards, etc... You obviously have many great friends and those who love you.

    Thanks again for your visit.

  22. Guess who's the winner of my giveaway?!!

  23. What lovely thoughtful gifts. Hope you are feeling better.

  24. Such beautiful flowers. You are obviously very special to very many people! :)

    I liked the turquoise-y yarns in the second-to-last coat photo - they really popped against that rich nutmeggy brown. But almost any colour would work well.

    Are you thinking of a very long scarf? Wide or skinny? Or possibly a cowl?

  25. What pretty flowers and great friends you have! I had to go back and see that you had surgery. I hope you are feeling well! Nice to catch up with you!

  26. Joan, so glad to read you are doing so well and sharing these lovely flowers with us thru your photos. Your new coat looks lovely and a new scarf will be a perfect accessory. Enjoy the weekend!

  27. Joan, what did you do sweetie that you are on crutches? Sure hope you have a speedy recovery. I love your beautiful flowers. I'm sure that you are a special person to many. I have a mini boot like yours in my gnome garden. I don't think mine has a mouse. Guess the cat did it's job. lol! I love the aqua yarn with your brown coat. Thanks for finding time to share at SYC!

  28. I love that shoe vase with beautiful flowers!


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