Monday, 22 October 2012

Tide's Out in Solva

It was one of those glorious Autumn days
and a friend
picked me up to go out for lunch

After a lot of discussion about wind direction
(there was a very cold strong wind!) 
we decided on
the beautiful little village of Solva.

The tide was out, exposing the seaweed and stones,
but that still didn't spoil its beauty!

We walked along the path, beside the inlet,
and looked back at the village

Other people
were taking advantage of the sunny day
to walk with their dogs
or examine the underside of their boats.....

I love the silver of the water on the sand
and the boats waiting patiently
for the waves to lap around them and lift them
up so that they can dance again!

My friend loved the deep V's
that the waves have
cut in the rocks

We went into the Boathouse for lunch.
This is our view
as we sat outside in the sun eating our baguettes

I love the bright, cheery colours!

I so enjoyed my trip to Solva in the sun!


  1. You've been lucky to get some sunshine today! We've been under a blanket of dampness and grey skies all day. Glad you had a good time. Jx

  2. Lovely photos, once again evoking lovely memories for me of past visits. We have had a grey rainy day here. Anne x

  3. It looks strange with all the boats sitting on ground. I too love the colorful buildings. Smiles, Susie

  4. Playing catuchp on your posts and another outing to a wonderful little village.
    Such beautiful scenery and silvery sands........another enjoyable outing.

    Claire :}

  5. Lovely photo from your charming trip! Thanks for sharing. Susan

  6. Happy you are getting a chance to be "out and about" as we say here in the states. Nice pictures of the tide out. Strange to see the sail boats sitting there in the ground with tide out , , .

  7. Great photos Joan. I am glad you are feeling well enough to get out for a bit.

    I love the cheerful colors on the buildings too.

  8. What a beautiful, beautiful day. So glad you shared it with a good friend.
    Hugs to you,

  9. once again, thanx so much for sharing! absolutly beautiful pictures and to me soo peaceful and lovely! enjoy your evening!

  10. What a nice friend to pick you up and take you on an adventure! I hope you are improving and getting all back to shipshape health. We are also at the coast, I hope you pop over and see the photos I put up this morning. More photos to go up tomorrow. Thanks for sharing your boat-y shots! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  11. Great adventure! I'll bet you never tire of your beautiful surroundings, I know I wouldn't.

  12. Thanks for sharing your views of the most favorite place, Joan. I'm glad you were able to venture forth! xx from Gracie

  13. Whether the tide is in or out Solva is the most beautiful little village in the most beautiful part of Wales, dare I say the world. I love all the little craft shops in the high street.
    We will be in Wales in a few days, hope we get good weather! looks like it was a lovely sunny day with you in Solva.

  14. amazing photos! I had never seen so many boats waiting for the waves. simply amazing. sounds like a glorious day :) happy for you. xxo

  15. What a picturesque little village! It sounds like you had an amazing day!

  16. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful day out with us - it's cheered me up no end as it's dull and very miserable here.
    Rose H

  17. Fantastic photos (look a bit like Gloucester MA) ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

    Looks like a great place to lunch and to do wonderful photography!

  18. Beats windy and wild Staffordshire every time. I think I'll move! Beautiful scenery and lovely pictures. I feel like I have had a lovely day out. Thank you x

  19. Wonderful seaside photos. Thanks for following I am following also

  20. I love it when the tide goes out - it's like looking at what lays beneath.

    Nina x

  21. We love Solva too. It was always one of our favourite places to visit. We have a lovely Chris Neale print of the cottages above Solva looking into the bay. X

  22. Love seeing all those sailboats. What a pretty place!

  23. What a lovely day. I've never seen boats sitting like that when the tide has gone out. Very interesting and beautiful! Sounds like you are doing well. Take care! Tammy

  24. Just came upon your blog on my blog hopping journeys. It's great to see your photos of Wales--such a picturesque corner of the world. I live on Canada's west coast and have never been there but that's where my maternal grandfather came from. Not sure where though. I'd love to visit some day.

  25. I so enjoyed your trip to Solva too. I have told you this before but I think you live in the most beautiful place. I can tell all is well with you. Great photos I love the tide out ones. B

  26. Loving the splashes of red in your photos Joan. Thank you for sharing at Rural Thursdays this week. xo

  27. What a beautiful place Joan! There's nothing better to enjoy such beauty with a wonderful friend over lunch. Thanks for sharing with Share Your Cup.


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