Thursday, 18 October 2012

Beautiful Bowl

Isn't this a beautiful bowl?   My Father in Law bought it for us in a sale over 45 years ago.

I love
the very rich colours
that seem to sparkle from it

It has 3 different flowers painted on it.

Over the years
there have been all sorts of things stored in it,
shown off in it (including flowers)...

I just like it on its own....showing off its glory!

I'm joining  Marty at Tabletop Tuesday


  1. What a beautiful bowl! Congratulations on your win too.

  2. That is a very beautiful bowl and the bag is so pretty. Congrats on winning that.

  3. There is nothing prettier than a red glazed pottery piece! Lucky you on the bowl and the bag!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Lovely pottery, I just love red. And hooray for you winning that wonderful bag.

  5. I love your bowl
    it is beautiful and imagine it is so old
    so great that you have had it for so many
    years and it brings good memories.

    Congrats on being the winner of a giveaway
    - great bag.

    Have a lovely weekend

    x Fiona

  6. The bowl is so lovely and I can see why it is special.The bag is so nice I collect the Bushca? dolls but can never spell it lol...I am going to have a peek at the young ladies site.I have missed a few blogs but will catch up.

  7. I do love your beautiful bowl and your bag is so sweet, congratulations! xx

  8. That's a beautiful bowl, I must say. Congratulations on the win.

  9. What lovely rich colors in your bowl. The bag is really cute and fun.

  10. That certainly is a beautiful bowl. You've certainly had it a long time, and yet it looks like new. Love your bag. How lovely to receive a prize like that. I will certainly go over and have a peek at her designs.

  11. Is your gorgeous bowl a Moorcroft> It certainly looks like it. A treasure! Love the bag too!

  12. Beautifuly lovely bowl . . . Exquisite . . .

    Congratulations on your win! A bit of cheer, just for you!

  13. Oh that is pretty. Is it Moorcroft? It looks as if it could be.

    Congrats on the win :)

  14. That bowl is a beautiful keepsake. Very pretty. Smiles to you, Susie

  15. gorgeous bowl. I love red and strong colours so I'm in love with your bowl. great photos. congratulations on your prize. I'm visiting from Sunday Best. also I'm your new GFC follower. xxo

  16. Hello! Thanks for your kind comments and for following my blog. If you'd like to read about my marathon experience, check out this link:

    Looking forward to reading your posts!

    Linda W

  17. Fab win, that bag is a Rosiebull designs.

    That bowl really is stunning, the beautiful vibrant colours and design, definitely something to be treasured......

    Claire :}


  18. An exciting week for you Joan! I love that bowl. Any history about it? :)

  19. Oh my, such an unreal piece. Love it. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty


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