Friday, 8 March 2013

On Guard.....or .... Waiting for Food?!

I was driving along a lane.....
on the way to pay a visit

when I noticed 3 cats sitting on 
a gate jamb.

They looked so funny that I stopped to 
take a picture.
As soon as I stopped one of them ran off
into the buildings

2 hours later I was on my way home and 
looked to see if they were still there.

I noticed the cat that had jumped off earlier
running around the gate

closely followed by the other two.

I thought that they were so pretty that my eyes focussed on them!

Then I noticed

The state of the barns and thought.....
They must have been built such pride and used,
probably daily
for animals or farm implements etc
but they have been
just let go...
What a shame!!

Had you noticed
that the cats in the first photos
were sitting with this
pretty friend?

So perhaps they were not on guard....
or waiting to be fed....
keeping company with their friend!!

On a totally different subject....
I returned 
from staying a few days with my mother

To find this lovely surprise!!
I had won a Giveaway

My hands won't know what's hit them!!

Do visit her.
Her blog is full of good ideas
and 'finds'!
It's like sitting down over the kitchen table 
to chat with a good friend!

Another change of subject
My cousin was kind enough to drive me to see Mum.... 
as I'm not allowed to drive distance at present.
She and I stayed in an hotel...
just around the corner

I just had to take this photo

How long is it since someone....
cut you soldiers
to eat with your boiled eggs??
I just loved it!!!


  1. I am so glad you had a lovely trip with your Mom, and those cats are adorable, looks like they were having a very fun day.
    Hugs to you,

  2. Oh Joan I am so happy you got to go see your Mom what a wonderful surprise it would be for her, and a fancy hotel to boot:)
    Those old barns were probably an amazing sight in there day, it is a shame. Kitty's chatting with a new friend I like it.
    I am glad you are not letting this whole can't drive and have to take it easy thing keep you from enjoying your life:) HUGS B

  3. lovely pictures. What a nice surprise to get :)

  4. Such a lovely outing. One can only imagine the life in that barnyard at one time.

  5. Enjoyed looking at your photos. Sad about the barns. I want boiled eggs ad soldiers now :-) Good you were able to visit your mum. Anne x

  6. I want boiled eggs now too!! Love the cat photos, cats are so funny.

    Congratulations on your prize, won't you have fun with that?!

    Happy Friday Joan. Enjoy your weekend xox

  7. Congratulations on the giveaway! I love the photo of the cats, huddled together on the gate post. And the buildings, even though dilapidated, are charming.

    The last time I had toast soldiers was at a B&B in Yorkshire. My boiled egg was not the nearly-hardboiled that I make at home, so the next day I ordered 8 minute eggs. :-)

  8. The kitties and statue are adorable. What a shame about the buildings. Maybe there are lots of mice in there so they love hanging out.

  9. Lovely photos the cats, old farm buildings I feel like I am there. So great that you were able to get out and about and be able to visit your mom thanks for a very nice visit.

  10. Love the photo of the kitties on top of the wall! Made me smile.

  11. I just love those kitties! What a fun sight to see.

    Love your giveaway prize. Congrats!

  12. Joan- You are sounding so much happier than you did for a while. I love the kitties and yes it is a shame that those buildings have been let go like that. Sounds like you had a good time visiting your Mom and the meal looks delightful- xo Diana

  13. I love those kitties! So glad you have had a good visit with your mother. It sounds like breakfast was a real treat! Have a good week-end!

  14. Happy to see you today . . . and out and about visiting your mum, observing the barn cats and Soldiers standing at attention, just for you . . . (never, ever have heard that before) Be well my friend . . . welcome the sunshine into your days . . .

  15. Good shots! I had to go back and check out the stone kitty though...How could I miss it?!
    Mum says your 'soldiers' brings back memories! Her favourite meal in fact!
    Happy Women's Day!

  16. This is a beautiful breakfast indeed. The cats and little cat statue were a real find. Too bad about that barns, it is so nice.Wonder if they are full of cats now?

  17. Joan, how nice that you could get out for a drive and a visit with you mother and be treated so elegantly. SOmetimes, it's the right thing to do - pamper yourself, even when just travelling on a family visit vs. a vacation because it then seems like one! Interesting observations about the cats and yes it is sad when once proud and useful buildings fall into decline.

  18. Good to see you again. Glad you visisted your mother. Love the pictures of the cats. And there is some beauty in those neglected barns. Enjoy your weekend, groetjes, Gerda

  19. Hi Joan, so nice you got to go on a trip to see your mom! And a gift.. lucky! I enjoyed the photos of the cats and the barns.. hope someone takes them on and fills them with animals. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  20. Hi Joan, Lucky you winning that give away. And what a great cousin to take you visiting your Mum. I agree with Gerda, there is beauty in those dilapidated old barns.


  21. What pretty cats - if they were waiting for food, I hope they got some! And what a lovely giveaway.

    The breakfast looks delicious, and I'm so glad you were able to visit your Mum. :)

  22. This was a fun and whimsical post....LOVE seeing the old barn/farm and the cats. The stone cat is charming! SO nice that you got to visit with your mom. I've never heard the term 'soldiers' as relates to breakfast- do you mean the strips of toast? Always a joy to visit your blog,

  23. I love old barns. We watch an English programme over here called Grand Designs and people are always converting barns into homes. I bet one day you will drive past and it will be a home.
    I love boiled eggs with toasted soldiers,as do my Grand children x

  24. Such a shame when old buildings are left derelict like that. I wonder if anyone is taking care of those kitties or do they have to find for themselves. The little stone kitty is so cute. Glad you were able to visit with your mom. I have some of that hand cream. My boss gave it to me last year for Christmas. Best wishes to you, Tammy

  25. So pleased to read you've had a great visit with your Mom :o)
    Those cats are so sweet, but then all cats are to me! Congrats on the great gift, your hands will be lovely after such a great treat.
    Very best wishes
    Rose H

  26. So glad you enjoyed receiving your giveaway Joan! Thanks so much for entering. I adored your first photo of the cats, what unusual markings on their faces! Glad you are doing well. Take care...

  27. Joan, your posts are positive delights:
    Your joys shared make my life brighter,
    Your burdens shared are surely lighter.
    This reader appreciates your insights!
    :-) Gracie

  28. My mom always made us soft boiled eggs and toast strips for breakfast when we were kids. It was my favorite. We called it "dippy egg"!

  29. I like the farms name ... and the toast soldiers!


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