Wednesday, 20 March 2013

At Last!

At last I have managed to
'get around' to writing another post!
I hope, also, that I will start to be able to visit you...
It feels like a long time....

At last I have managed to
get some photos of one of the.... 
Greater Spotted Woodpeckers
that visit our feeders several times a day

They are so shy
that as soon as you move to get a camera
they are off!!

I have had yet another chest infection
These continual infections are dragging me down
so I haven't felt like visiting or writing!

Last week I took the road to the hills
(covered here in snow clouds!)...
to visit my favourite retreat

I just love the shapes of the trees 
when the leaves have fallen
so, I'm afraid...
I have just had to try and show you a few
that I saw on my way

Another favourite is this little stream

I always have to stop my car
and open the car window to watch and hear
it's sound as it rushes over the rocks.

Somehow it quiets my soul
and any turmoil inside is just quietened
as I sit there in the fresh air 
of the hills....

Do you have a place like this
that you go to....
just for a few minutes......that's all it takes..
to unwind and relax?

I just love to look at trees in winter
they have shed their leaves and another busy season
is over
now it's time to rest!

It makes me think!
Although we just see the bare branches
inside the sap is starting to rise
ready for a new spring

it seems like a fresh start
old things have passed 
the old dead leaves
and inside is a one can see
yet it's going on...!!
The first anyone will know is when the buds start
poking out their heads.

It gives me hope
that, for each of us, there is a time of
refreshing and renewing
that might mean just a few moments out
but, after, there is a stirring inside
and a readiness
to start again on whatever life has for us!

On the way home I came through 
the snowdrop woods

Each one looks so perfect
like individual drops of snow.......

A perfect end
to... a perfect 'time out'!!


  1. Beautiful, respite, refreshing. I love the gnarled twists and turns of the branches, much like life itself. And oh my, the Snow Drops . . .

    May springtime bring each of us the rebirth, refreshment and renewal we are hoping for . . .

  2. Lovely places Joan. Being in nature always restores my soul.

    Have a happy week xox

  3. such a beautiful post. i love it. i do have a place i go to relax & unwind. i hope we all do. it really makes the heart happy & well. i enjoy your views too. so springy.

    happy spring to you & yours. big hugs. ( :

  4. These are lovely photos....thanks for taking the time and for sharing!

  5. Wonderful pictures! I'm sorry you have been bothered by illness again. This is the first day of spring. Perhaps you will be feeling better soon. xo Nellie

  6. Joan, you see so much beauty in the world around you. SO sorry you are not feeling well, I am sending you a positive healing hug.

  7. Beautiful pictures Joan. It is good to see a post from you. I hope that you soon feel totally well!


  8. Hello Joan from another Joan! Here in mid-Michigan, the maple trees are tapped and the sap is flowing. It's a sure sign of Spring.

    I have two sisters who live in Pembrokeshire and I visit annually. Thank you for your lovely photos and I hope you feel well soon.
    Joan - who is hoping the snow will melt today!

  9. I have a special fondness for trees and these are gorgeous... ALL your photos are!

    Great to see you!

  10. Thanks for the refreshment, Joan. There are some similar views available near me and you remind me how much I enjoy them. Your feathered friend is stunning! I just got over a cold-cough and am grateful it departed. May we both be well! Our first day of Spring is rainy in the valley and snowing on Mt. Hood. I am headed out to our yard to gather a few brave daffodils to bring their warm sunny yellow inside.
    Blessings to you and yours,

  11. The Snowdrop Woods, how wonderfully fantastical, almost like something in a fairy tale!! Yes, I love the leafless trees as well, it is then that we can really see their shapes. I'm so sorry you have still not been well, you have been through such a long hard time, yet never complaining...only to let us know what is happening. I have never seen or heard of this kind of woodpecker, what a special day for me!!! I am excited because I am a birdwatcher. The little stream, a wonderful place to go! When I was a child there was a creek behind us. I was forbidden to go there, so of course I visited it often, what child could resist looking for small turtles and fish?

  12. Oh no, I am so sorry to hear about your chest infection! I hope you are feeling better soon.

    Your pictures are always a joy to look at. The place you visit for refreshment is absolutely beautiful - I can see why you go there. And the Snowdrop Woods! One word: amazing :)

    Thank you for the lovely visit on your blog.

    Hugs to you,

  13. It's lovely to see the nature coming back to life. Great pictures.
    Enjoy your week!

  14. Oh no not another chest infection poor you. When I was teaching I got them continually and as you say they do drag you down. Lovely though that you were able to post. Beautiful photos. I could do with getting away to refresh and renew. Your photos have helped though. Anne x

  15. I am so glad you got out. I am sorry that you had yet another chest infection and hope that you are on the mend. I love your drive and I drive to the shore of Lake Michigan for my "fix"...xo Diana

  16. Oh Joan there is a few nasty bugs going around and My Hero brought one home to me also. I do hope your chest clears up soon. The sound of that water and the views of your trees and flowers can cure anything at least my soul is singing taking this journey with you, Thank you. Hug B

  17. It's so nice to see your part of the world, beautiful. Spring will come... I'm so sorry you had an effection again, it costs so much energy. Groetjes, Gerda

  18. oh my goodness! love all your pictures and the peacefulness that comes with them! those snow drops are sure beautiful. im sorry you havent been feeling well i hope with spring you will be recovered and ready to enjoy the days! being sick is no dang fun especially when it drags on.. enjoy your evening! and thanx for sharing your little get away!

  19. Beautiful images, Joan! I really love the naked trees and little creek. The snowdrops are very lovely. Sweet sentiments on 'Spring'. I do hope you feel better soon. It's been a long winter, hasn't it? xoxo

  20. Good to hear from you again Joan. I hope you're feeling much better before too long.
    Your photo's are lovely, I always find water is very soothing so know what you mean about your stream.
    I've heard about the bluebell woods but never the snowdrop woods - how wonderful.


  21. ahh beautiful Pembrokeshire!
    Hope the spring will help heal the chest infection. Although I'm living in the alps where it gets really cold in the winter I can still remember the 'dampness' of a welsh winter which seems to get right inside you like the 'alps cold' doesn't.

  22. Your woodpeckers are similar to ours, but ours have the red up top instead. I love to see them at the feeder or hear them rapping along looking for bugs.

  23. Hi Joan. So glad that you were able to get out on that lovely little trip. That stream really does look very pretty. The woodpeckers are very pretty indeed, and what a treat to see them feeding at the birdfeeders! I'm sorry to hear about those rotten chest infections. It's bound to get you down. Let's hope that some warm weather will be with us soon and that the warmth and sunshine will lift your spirits. Take care.

  24. What a handsome fellow that woodpecker is - so glad you were able to catch him on camera.

    Your drive looks absolutely wonderful - such beautiful trees, and I know what you mean about listening to the stream. It's very soothing indeed.

    I hope you're feeling better soon - those continual infections are so very depressing. Here's to warmer weather and a healthy Spring!


  25. Now that is my kind of timeout! :) Hope you get to feeling much better very, very soon. Best wishes and blessings, Tammy

  26. Sorry to hear you have been unwell again. Lets hope the spring arrives soon and lifts your spirits. Xxx

  27. Lovely post and photos, the snowdrops are really pretty. And I love the woodpecker shots. Have a happy weekend!

  28. Joan, nice to find this new post, but sorry to read that another infection has been ruining your days. I do wish we had some woodpeckers visiting our feeders as yours is so colorful, but now all we have mostly are grackles that rub all the seed. The gnarled trees and brook look very refreshing for the mind and spirit. When we lived in NJ there was a nearby state park where we used to enjoy long walks in all seasons. Sadly, there are no parks near where we currently live, another reason we hope to move. Take good care of yourself and visit whenever you feel better, blog folks will still be here.

  29. Great photos love the wood pecker hope you feel better soon

  30. Great post and photos. Nice to see a woodpecker, too.

  31. Just dropping in to say hi today Joan. Take good care of yourself and visit when you feel you can.

  32. I hope you are feeling much better now! My goodness, you live in such a beautiful part of the world~ I also love the sight and sound of water flowing, bare branched trees (I spot empty nests) and rolling hills. I have never seen a woodpecker nor Snow Drops- such a treat. Thanks for sharing these photos. :)


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