Sunday, 24 February 2013


I was awakened
by the thumping of the door....... 
......and continual ringing of the bell
I opened a bleary eye
and looked at the clock......2.55!
"Who do you suppose that is?" asked Hubbie.

We got out of bed and looked out 
of the upstairs window....
what looked like a young man...
stood below.

I opened the window and asked what he wanted...
directions to a nearby village!

After several questions and answers
we gathered that he had been thrown out of his home
and was walking to stay with a friend.
According to him
he had already walked 10 miles 
along a very busy and narrow (on times) road
.......and was lost

He sounded very young
and I felt sorry for him so I gave him directions
and, after he left, phoned the police
who asked me lots of questions about him
and said we had done the right thing!

Later, another police officer phoned to say 
they had found the young man.
They also said 
that he had been posted as missing 
and they had been looking for him for a few hours!

It made me think...
it was like we were one of the final pieces 
in the jigsaw!

Have you ever felt like that?
Where, without your knowledge,
different things were happening and
you have said...or done...something that has helped
to pull the whole picture together!

I know that I have felt prompted 
to send a card.....
or phone...
and afterwards was told 
that it had helped change the way that person felt....
or confirmed their course of action

Somehow it feels good...
to know that you do have a place and a purpose
in the jigsaw that we call


  1. Hello Pembrokeshire Lass.

    You did the right thing phoning the police
    and it is good that he was found.
    I would be terrified if I heard someone knocking at the door at that time of the morning.

    I am glad all ended well.

    Lovely photos.

    Have a good week.

    Take care

    x Fiona

  2. Oh well done, I hope he sorts himself out and you have helped to get him back on track xxx

  3. How fantastic that you rang the police,his parents must have been frantic.Well done and the feeling must have been really comforting and that the Police got back to you to let you know the outcome.You must have got a terrible fright when he knocked.

  4. Yes, small things like this have happened to me, but not something this dramatic! Guess we will never know whether he was thrown out or left. Was this time in the middle of the night? I imagine so, because of your exclamation mark. Guess you really were the last piece of the puzzle, and that is a very good thing.

  5. What a great story. I am so glad you were able to be a good piece to that puzzle and glad he is all right- xo Diana

  6. Sounds like a good beginning to a nice book,you or your husband should write it :)

  7. I agree with Denise...perfect premise for a story! Thought provoking post, Joan. So glad the young man was 'found' and hopefully all ends well. Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a lovely end to your February :)

  8. How scary to be disturbed in sleep that way! Truly you did the young man a good service by calling the police. I hope there is help somewhere for him and the family. It sounds as though there are some bad feelings there. Good relationships - very important in my opinion!

  9. Bless your heart! I would have been terrified and not sure I would have been able to think as clearly as you did. He is a lucky young man as are his parents that he came to your door.

  10. That is a good story.. we had a similar thing happen but the guy was trying to get into our door! The menfolk in the family got their arms and went out to confront him - he wanted to know if we wanted to buy some stereo equipement at 2 am! He was obviously on drugs. We called the police and they picked him up as he was walking down the road. People!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  11. Dear Joan, I like to think you are often an angel in disguise. I believe this young man was blessed because of your calling the police. I know that your kindness has touched many lives.
    Have a blessed week.

  12. You are such a very nice person Joan. Yes, I do believe we can be the final piece in the puzzle. I do hope that young man is getting help.


  13. Sounds like he had alzhimers your stranger. We had the same near us.

    He did get found and he could not remember where he was or who he was.

  14. He was very lucky to find you! Jx

  15. How scary to be woken up like that. I am so glad you called the police and were part of the puzzle. Like they said, you did the right thing!

  16. Joan, what a story!!!! The poor young man, who knows what is going on in his life, I am so glad you were there to alert the police, and hopefully he and his family will be reunited and find love and peace.
    Hugs to you,

  17. Oh I love this story and the jigsaw puzzle reference works well. I am glad you did it the way you did it is wise to be careful these days. Love the photos, very soothing. B

  18. I am sure you did the right thing, giving directions, letting him go his way . . . and then calling the police.

    Good person you are Joan, hubby too.

    I can't help but wonder about the young man . . . out alone at night, lost soul, . . . trying to find his friend . . . I hope you hear more about him . . .

  19. Gosh you were very brave opening the door I think we would have been very nervous. However would have tried to help. I hope he has been able to resolve his problems and has someone who cares for him. I remember having words with my son when he was about 16 usual parent/child issues. He stormed off. Iwas so worried. DH was about to go out looking for him when my friend phoned & said he had gone to her house. Such a relief !! Anne x

  20. Wow, what an interesting story and I am so thankful you were able to help :) And I agree, you were brave to open the door! It is always such a blessing to be used by God and sometimes we don't even know what our part is in the puzzle :)

    Love and hugs,

  21. I'm sure you were exactly what that young man needed at that time. Whether he realizes it or not. We are often placed in situations that we have to make a decision of whether we should get involved or stay out of it. I'm glad that you are a person who obviously cares for others. It's so much easier to ignore the needs of others.

  22. Nice to read about your place in a puzzle, it's a good reference. I think this happen more often, our decisions matter. I've been catching up reading your posts, I'm sorry you can't get operated yet. I admire your state of mind about everything. Groetjes, Gerda

  23. How good of you to help that poor man. You are right, many times I've debated calling someone or going the extra mile to help someone out. When I've followed through with the task I'm always so glad that I did!

  24. How wonderful that you were able to fit this puzzle together and help out this lost young man. We do have an impact on each and every person we meet according to the decisions that we make. You obviously made the right one and I do hope this young man has a happy ending. So good of the police to call you back, too. xoxo

  25. I hope that all goes well for him. Sounds like a he came from a troubled home.

    And yes, it's amazing how the pieces of our lives come together to form a picture. It's hard to remember this sometimes, but even the uncomfortable things are part of a grand plan. So glad you were able to help this wandering soul.

    Have a good week, Joan!

  26. Hi Joan. Gosh, you've got a lot of comments here! That must have been quite frightening being woken up at that time of the morning, by hammering on your door. I would have automatically thought the worst! Good for you in calling the police, and I'm glad he was found safe and sound.

  27. It must have been so unnerving dealing with that in the middle of the night but how good to find that you were responsible for that man being found and now safe. Thank you for your comments on my Friday Smiles. By the way, I love looking at your photos of an area where we spent several wonderful holidays with friends (at Marloes). They bring back some great memories. xx Maggie

  28. This is a great post. I love your blog and look every day...though sometimes I am lazy about commenting.Your photos are great..a beautiful part of the world I get to visit, though will probably never see in person.Keep up the good work!! Your blog is a blessing!

  29. Joan, it's nice that your actions did lead to that young man being found, but how unsettling to be awoken at 3 a.m. that musy have been. I do know what you mean about writing a card or calling someone. Many times I have done the same and been told that the person needed just such a pick-up. Too many opeople, it seems, take the "easy" way out of email and online contact, when there is nothing like the personal touch...good for you for going the extra distance.

  30. Quite a story and thank you for sharing!

  31. Hi Joan,
    I'm glad this tale had a happy ending... it must have been a little scary for you... but you must feel really good that you were able to help someone in need. I am just writing the post which includes your squares for the BBB 2013, it will go out later today...thank you so much for sending them... I do hope you are feeling better now...Good luck with the draw tomorrow! Hugs, Jill x

  32. wow, that makes me happy to hear you could be a piece of the puzzle & help it along to it ways end. so nice of you guys. but i can only imagine what it was like to be woke up at that time of morning. wow!! thankful you did open your door. maybe he had tried some where else & they didn't. you deserve a big hug for it. you rock!! they saying "pay it forward" comes to mind - thank you. you will never know how it made some one days. enjoy your day. ( :

  33. Oh yes, I know exactly what you mean. It's a bit like chaos theory isn't it ...a tiny action now could have totally unforeseen connections and consequences. So pleased that the young man was found ... I do hope all worked out well for him.


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