Friday, 30 November 2012


It seems a strange title........
but that is where I am!

For several weeks I have struggled to decide whether I should continue blogging.
I have read others' struggles with the decision
to continue...or not!

Everyone has been so supportive and has written such encouraging comments to me
but I have not had the time, or the oomph,
to visit them recently

I have felt that I am not alone
when I read the supportive notes that
 you all have written
and I so enjoy reading about others' lives all over the world and seeing areas that I will never visit

I have learnt so much about decorating
my home
and been given so many ideas as to how to arrange
my china and front porch
(well I have the ideas but haven't done it yet!)

I've even started crocheting and been encouraged along by you all, to try other things
but I just haven't visited you recently.......

In fact one of my followers gently pointed out
in her comment to me last week
that I hadn't visited her recently........
and that friends visit each other!!

So I'm thinking that it is not fair to you all who kindly continue visiting me and leaving encouraging comments.......
perhaps I had better stop

Since this last op I am still on so many meds
that life seems to be 
a long hard daily chore......
(as I know it is for so many of you, my friends) 
and I just don't seem to get around
to all that I intend to... 

My daughter did take me up to see my mother
which was so good of her
Mum looked great, as always, and it was good to sit and share stories
She's 92 and in better fettle than I am!

My husband had a slight stroke last week
I took him to the doctors as I thought he had had one and he refused to go anywhere else.
The doctor immediately admitted him to hospital
and he was there for a few days.
I didn't mention it on my last blog as I hadn't told my mother and she would have been upset
to read it first here!
He's home now and certainly a lot better...

I finished Mum's Granny Stripe blanket and she's delighted with it.
It amused me to see the difference
in size and tension
between the first rows and the last ones. This was the first proper crochet work that I started!!

I then made this baby shawl
for my neighbour's new granddaughter
I found the pattern in Ravelry
it was by Candi Jensen
  see here

I found this pattern on Ravelry, and
designed by Suzana Davidovic, for  a Calm Cowl
I'm crocheting it in Rowan Purelife
British Sheep Breeds Undyed and it's from
a Bluefaced Leicester

I made Mum's cowl in Manos del Uruguay.
It looked really lovely on her
but I forgot to take a photo......! friends...thank you so much for your help and friendship
I'm not being mawkish
but, if you feel that you could put up with a friend
who visits only occasionally......
and blogs infrequently...


  1. hey, i say blog when you can, comment when you can, we all have moments of unsure, where to go, what to say... no clue what the certain some one was thinking or wished to say, meant to say. but maybe she was having one of those moments. for me it is just nice to know that when you do blog that you have support & love of others. that you are not alone. hey, it is up to you ... blog when you can. i enjoy it so when you do. but if life, your health or other moments pull you away that is so understandable. no worries. big big hugs. enjoy your weekend. i love your work... you are so crafty. ( :

  2. Take it one day at a time. Blogging is supposed to be a fun, safe place. If you need a break, take one but don't delete your blog. Visit as you can. Comment when you can.

    True, you get out of blogging what you put into it BUT sometimes we don't have the effort in us.

    I too find my time short but I do like reading and hope you'll stay in blogland.

  3. Oh never feel like you need to visit me. Not all friends visit and that is OK because I know they are still friends hence the "FRIENDS" label
    I am so happy you went to see your Mom that is so good for both of you. I am so sorry about your husband and I am glad he is home now and on the mend.
    About this blogging thing I think you should blog if you want to and not blog when you don't want to. I get so much support from my blog family and they understand life happens and blogging has to take a back seat to the real world. Sometimes I wish I could just hang out with my supportive blog friends and not go back to the real pressures and people in my life but that is not reality. I do value all my blogger friends but I must take care of my real life and not let it crumble around me always knowing that I have "friends" who are there when I need them.
    Most Bloggers as I have come to realize have the same hectic life and problems and we can all relate.
    Today is my third day of not leaving my house and I was pretty down, my blogger friends are very supportive and have gotten me to the point of not feeling sorry for myself and realizing I am not alone, I had a friend who also reads my blog drop in and told me she loved that I shared my struggles because it helped her realize she is not alone I am so happy for that. We are never alone most people struggle everyday with something.
    Take care Joan and I will be reading and praying that you are doing fine.
    Sorry to write so much. Keep blogging if it gets you through I know it helps me. HUGS B

  4. Oh Joan, you sure have had a lot on your plate at the moment. I'm sorry to hear about your husbands stroke and glad to hear he is a bit better and back home again. How lovely of your daughter to take you to visit your mum - it's always lovely to catch up! Your crochet is looking great - what wonderful gifts you have made :)
    I say blog when you like - there should be no pressure to blog and the same goes for visiting other blogs. I know I sometimes seem to get bogged down in visiting and lose track of where I have been.
    Just take care of yourself and keep warm in this cold weather. :)))

  5. Glad you got to visit your mother. May god bless you and your husband with better health. Smiles, Susie

  6. Joan, for me creating my blog is fun and a reflection of/on some of my life. Reading and commenting on others' posts is not an obligation I schedule, but a delight I enjoy whenever possible. I hope you will find joy in blogging when you are able to since I enjoy interacting with you in cyberspace, but whatever you decide, I want you to know that I am glad to have had contact with you and am asking God to continue blessing you and yours. xx from Gracie

  7. Do whatever works best for you, Joan! That's what all your friends would wish for you (and from you). I agree with everything already said above, so will only add that the Granny Stripe blanket is so very cheerful and pretty, the baby shawl soft and lovely, and the cowl yarns quite beautiful. So glad you got to see your Mum, and I hope your husband bounces back quickly. We'll see you when we see you. Take care! (And enjoy those amazing roses - thank you so much for the beautiful photos.) :)

  8. Joan, just enjoy it. Do what you can and feel like doing when you can. When we start to feel pushed into it it isn't fun anymore. I have enjoyed reading your posts and I hope to continue to read more. You are my Wales friend. :)

  9. Hello Joan you have had lots of good advice. There are times when I've felt as you. However I blog when I can and visit others as and when. I often read your posts but don't always comment. So sorry you have been having so many difficulties. Take care of yourself, do what is best for you and your loved ones. God Bless Anne x

  10. Do what you can, when you feel like it and have the time. Blogging is time consuming and there other things that need time, like mothers, husbands, health... Whatever you do, don't delete, please. It's much easier to post occasionally, than start over if the mood strikes you to post something.


  11. Hi Joan. I can so relate to this post, as I have had the same feelings about whether to continue blogging, or not! Everyone is so supportive. I don't blog as much as I used to, but I have noticed a lot of my bloggy friends have also cut back quite a lot. Real life interferes sometimes, and that's how it should be. I hope you will soon feel very much better, and I do hope that your husband will keep well. That must have been such a worry for you. Just pop in and out when you feel up to it. We all understand. Take care x

  12. I think a lot of us have more to say when we first begin to blog, so our posts become less frequent as we go on (at least that's true for me). I don't think you should feel any pressure about blogging -- whether it's posting or reading others' blogs. Blogging should be strictly for fun.

    I am so sorry to hear about your husband's stroke. I hope he will recover fully and have no lasting effects. I am glad you got to see your mother. It is so important to visit with people as they get older. I live quite a way from my parents, so don't get to visit as much as I'd like. Mine are 8-10 years younger than your mother.

    I enjoy your blog, and hope you will post whenever you have time and want to do so.

  13. Dear Joan
    Don't worry about infrequent blogging and commenting, we ALL understand and go through those feelings too.
    Hope Hubs is feeling better now, and doing as he's told!
    Rose H

  14. Oh Joan, all we bloggers like the exchange of comments back and forth but we understand when that's not forthcoming. Life doesn't always permit us to be the bloggers we would wish to be and each of us has had quiet times and no doubt will again. Blogging should be without obligation. Please continue as and when you can. And I sincerely hope that you and your husband are soon well x

  15. I do hope you continue on, even if it is sporadically, just to catch up and say hello. Taking a break is sometimes just what you need and we will be here if and when you decide to come back. My very best wishes to you and your Dear Husband for getting well soon. xx

  16. First I have to say that I'm so sorry to hear about your husband, hope it's going alright with him. And never feel obliged to blog, to visist blogs or to comment, just do it when you want to. And with friends, real friends are those who still are your friends even if you can't "visit" them for a while, or for longer. No obligations. I'm glad you were able to visit your mother. Have a nice weekend, groetjes, Gerda

  17. That describes us all from time to time, my friend! Life brings challenges and we have to work with what we have. But one thing we know when we post or visit a blog...we have friends! And I'm glad you are mine! I love seeing what you've been making and doing. Visit when you can...and I will, too. No stress! Just fun! Sweet hugs, Diane

  18. I will welcome your posts and visits anytime you are able. You have certainly had a lot to deal with in the past several weeks, and I hope your husband will continue to make progress toward improvement.

    Crocheting is a skill I have never mastered, though I did learn the chain stitch while in elementary school - 4th grade, I believe - so it's been awhile.:)

    I send along good wishes to you, Emma, for continued improvement in your health. I look forward to hearing from you whenever you are able!


  19. I would say keep blogging! I love your posts and the beautiful pictures and what you have to say.
    I doubt anyone visits every blog on their list
    all the time. I love your blog...keep blogging!!!

  20. Sorry about your husband and happy about your mom. I'm very impressed with your handiwork. I like to quilt, but wish I was as talented with needles.

  21. My dear fellow what you can when you can. I look forward to any post you put up whether or not you ever visit me. I can think of you each and every day just looking up from my cooktop to the Welch spoon, luck and love, you so kindly sent to me. Blogger friends do love unconditionally!
    Many prayers to you and all your family.

  22. I hope you continue blogging as I've just "met" you! :) Nice photos of the pink rose. And I love your granny stripe blanket. So colorful!

  23. Hi Joan; Keep you blog for when you want to have a little visit, visit others whenever the mood strikes you. You've got more than enough to do right now and you need to know that your readers will be checking back every once in awhile to see how you are doing. Please take care of YOU first and I know you are taking care of those you love. Life's transitions. Sending you loving good wishes and some prayers too.

  24. Hi Joan.. you know.. blogging is supposed to be fun for you and for your readers. You just do what you can and what you want and don't worry about it. You've made friends here, so I hope you stick around. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  25. Hi Joan, I just want to reiterate what others have said. Blogging is for us to enjoy and shouldn't become an obligation or a chore. Just do what you can when you can.
    And praying all will be well with your and your hubby's health.


  26. Blog when you can and take care of family first....we'll be here supporting you! Love loved the granny stripe and the cowl !

  27. I completely understand. I went through a time period similar to yours. Keep your blog open until you decide to blog again or completely close it.
    I will miss your posts as well as your encouragement, but your family is first and I'm quite sure we all know that.
    Your crocheting is wonderful! Mine is still just dishcloths and have not attempted a blanket.
    Saying a prayer right now for you and your family.

  28. I too have neglected blogging as life some times just gets in the way. I am sure only occasional visits will be fine and I do so love reading about Pembrokeshire as I love it so much. I am sorry you feel blogging is a chore and I hope you will find it easier to just pop on every now and again and just do it for one else!
    Glad your husband is on the mend too. Xxx

  29. Back today to mention an apology for incorrectly calling your name! I know better!! I need to slow down and think before I write, Joan!:) I hope your week-end is going well.

  30. Dear Joan, you always give so much of yourself in your posts and I have also appreciated your emails (and hope we can continue). Blogging can be difficult when we are having so many other things going on in our lives. I have found myself posting less frequently, but always happy to read other blogs and catch up on people's lives. As you said, we can learn so much from one another and also share much. But in the end, we must also do what is best for ourselves and if that means blogging only once in awhile then so be it. Do what works best for you, Joan. Your blog friends will certainly understand and, if they don, well then you have not lost a friend who was never there (in my opinion).

  31. Joan . . . I love hearing from you . . . If infrequent or every day. It sounds like your cup is filled to the brim and a rest for Pembrokeshire Lass is well deserved . . . I find I read more, comment less, and feel sad I can't keep up. Yet in all things we need to value ourselves and regard our limits and boundaries . . . Peek into see me . . . when and if you can . . . My arms are opened wide when you stop by again . . . love . . . lynne . . .

  32. Why of course blogging is not a competition, just blog when you feel like it however infrequently that may be, your friends will still be here and visit. It is quality not quantity in my opinion that makes a good blog. I was so very sorry to hear of your continuing health problems not just you but now your husband as well. Have a break take good care of each other and return refreshed in the New Year maybe?

  33. I know it must be rather tiring for you right now Joan -- and you need to do what's best for you, after all. Whatever you can manage -- I will likely be around in some form or another and I always enjoy your posts, however frequent or infrequent they may be. Hope your hubby is feeling better.

  34. Well, this isnt a race you know, blogging should be just when you feel like sharing somethings of your life... so carry on at your own pace, its always great to see whats happening in your neck of the woods.. I am glad that your husband is back at home, he will have to stop fretting and running about, he will be glad to be resting I am sure.. go give him and yourself a good hug, and enjoy the days now.. Cannot believe Christmas is almost here, I've only just got over the last one haha.. anyway, glad you will carry on blogging, and by the way, you are really talented at that crochet lark, mine never seem to come out like your clever pieces.. you have a natural talent I am sure!! all the best to you all, Janzi

  35. Hi - have only just discovered your blog so hope you don't mind me commenting? I had a love/hate relationship with blogging a couple of years ago. It had become a chore rather than fun. I felt obligated to post, obligated to read hundreds of other blogs and as for commenting...So, I deleted my blog and had a year off. I now post when I want to, skim my blog list for what to read and comment only when I feel I have something to add. I am a much happier blogger now, it's fun again. XX

  36. I am so glad your husband is home now and doing better! My hubby just had his one year check after prostate cancer and he's doing fine. He has a lot of issues from Agent Orange, but he does OK. I love your beautiful crochet work! I love crochet but have never worked with yarn, only thread, to make borders on pillowcases and that sort of thing. Please don't worry if you visit gets in the way for many of us!


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