Saturday, 8 December 2012

Deck the Halls?

When we were staying with my mother
only a couple of weeks ago..
...seems more!

We took my daughter
to a place I always have to visit
on my trips to see Mum.

The above is the entrance .....
to the little coffee room

Sitting...looking out...
is another view of the treasures hidden around.

I hardly manage to 'escape' from here
without buying.....
some of the unusual things that I rarely
see elsewhere
(That's my excuse anyway!)

Needless to say...
I didn't escape this time either!!

Thank you all so much
for sharing your thoughts with me
after my last post

It's not so much that I feel pressured to blog...
because I don't!

It's more that sometimes I don't manage
to visit you
and that makes me feel guilty ....(isn't really
the word that I'm searching for!)

I find that, since I started blogging,......
 I view my surroundings differently!

I so want to share my world with you,
my friends!

Equally, I have learnt so much from you all.
I have looked at my china etc
and decided to change around the tops of
the mantle or other  tables.....
Instead of keeping them always the same!!

I have cleared out my front porch
and am waiting...
...... for inspiration on how to 'dress it'

Yes...I know it's a little out of focus...
but hey....
I'm not perfect ...and....
 ......I so wanted to show you

I digress.....

I have been encouraged to try out things...
like crochet and, even,
actual blogging!

I have pushed myself to walk a little further so that I could show you some of our beautiful county....
places that I haven't been able to enjoy for 4 years!

and...all along the way
... you have been 'there' for me and with me...
encouraging me...telling me that, yes, I could do it!!

You have also supported me when I was waiting for hospital appointments....
through surgery...
through other emotional family problems.....
through hubbie's stroke
a few weeks ago

So why.....
should I want to stop blogging?

I don't...

so could you please tell me........
how do you feel...manage...
visiting and responding to the lovely and encouraging comments?

I could ...and have...spent hours visiting....
but life 'happens'!

and the comment
I had a couple of weeks ago saying
why hadn't I visited in a while and that...
 'friends visit'
made me feel that I was 'short changing' you all!!

I would really appreciate your feedback!

As we were driving away
I realised that I hadn't taken a picture of the outside
(I was so keen to get in)!!

So this is taken through the back window


  1. Please don't stop blogging! I love stopping in to visit your blog - it is always to interesting and inspiring. I have a set time limit on how much I blog and try to prioritze. People who comment on my blog posts get first priority and then depending on time, I visit the other blogs I follow. You have to find the balance and what works for you. I think most bloggers realize that a person can't visit every blog, every single time. Your little coffee shop is beautifully decorated. Reminds me of a little tea shop we have here that I like to visit, and like you, find it hard to escape from without buying something. Can't wait to visit there with my daughter next week :) Have a great week!

  2. What a wonderful place! Amazing! See...if you didn't blog we wouldn't have seen that! Keep it up!

  3. Loved seeing the shop with all the upside down trees. Not sure why we didn't think of that years ago. The ornaments show up so much better. Mr. IGH has an upside down tree he puts up on the screened porch.

    I find it difficult to keep up an equal rhythm of taking photos, posting, visiting, commenting. I continue to remind myself that the reason I created Irish Garden House was to create with word and photo.

    So when I begin to fret over my inability to keep up the pace, I revert back to remembering why I got to this place in the beginning. I tell myself, " it isn't a race . . . "

    I enjoy seeing Pembrokeshire come into view . . . each and every visit.

    My sincere Good Wishes to you and your hubby for healthy, happy days in 2013.
    Greetings of the Seasons . . .
    Love, Lynne

  4. Any time you post I will visit. You widen my horizons. Take special care of yourself too. So happy you were able to have coffee/tea at that wonderful shop. Best wishes to your and your hubby.

  5. My goodness! Don't feel badly if you don't comment on my little blog! I just love following yours! It is neat for me to have a contact "across the pond!"

    Never have seen upside-down Christmas trees! What a unique shop! I hope you enjoyed it doubly, for me, too.:-)

    I'm sending along wishes for a blessed Christmas to you and your family! Peace and joy to you!

  6. That looks like such a lovely stop! I like how ornaments hang better on an upside down tree. :)

  7. Well, at least my ceiling would have much more room than my floor. If it wasn't so high, I might have to consider hanging a tree up there. These are delightful!

  8. Those upside down trees are just stunning. They show off the hanging garlands so much better.

  9. Keep blogging Joan! Visit when you can. We will all be here.

    I hope you mom is doing better.

  10. Oh Joan I love this little shopping paradise I am sure it was fun.
    I don't think anyone meant to say you never visit and should. At least I hope that is not what they meant. Everyone that I know understands that you cannot possibly visit everyone everyday and if they do I am sorry they are the one that has a problem.
    I tried at one time to visit everyone on my followers list but now it is so big I could not possibly do it and LIVE my life. I hope everyone understands and truly believe most do.
    I do try as hard as I can to visit everyone that takes the time to comment as I know everyone has a busy life and they made time in it for me BUT I am pretty sure they will understand if I can't. I would assume if they read my blog they would know how I have so much juggling to do.
    In other words keep blogging and do not worry about it. Sometimes a blog is a blog and life is life and you should not have to choose. I love blogging and the friends I meet too and you are going to be fine. Hugs B

  11. I too find it hard to visit and comment on all the lovely blogs out there but I get around as many as I can and try always to reply to people who comment on my blog. Life happens and if it didn't we wouldn't have anything to blog about would we!? X

  12. Hi Joan, please don't ever feel bad about not visiting my blog. It isn't always possible to visit everybody all the time. I know what you mean though, when I started blogging I felt I really had to visit people all the time. But as you say life sometimes gets in the way.
    I have fallen away behind in commenting lots of times.
    As long as you enjoy what you do - that is all that is important. I really enjoy coming to read your blog - so please don't stop!!!
    Have a peaceful weekend and take care!!!

  13. Ah Joan, it is so simple, just do what you want to do and have time to do. The whole blog thing has to be fun and enjoyable. If people don't understand you don't always have the time to visit, or just don't want to, it's their problem, not yours. I at least try to reply to people who comment on my blog, but for me it's okay if that doesn't always happen. It will depend on the amount of comments too. I'm glad that through your blog you feel supported.
    Love the upside down trees!! Groetjes, Gerda

  14. What a wonderful place to visit- the upside down trees were whimsical and pretty. I make a point to visit those who are loyal with visits to my blog, just out of courtesy. But you should not let anyone make your feel bad. As you said, 'life happens'.

  15. Joan, the store you took us to was so beautiful, thanks for including us. I think as a blogger you write when you can and you comment when you can, that is all anyone could ask. Life happens and we get busy, sometimes we are in pain, ill, full of family obligations, the thing is it is your blog and it is an extra piece of you, so when other thing take up your time and energy it is okay. Be easy on yourself, you are doing a lovely job.

  16. Joan
    Are those trees hung upside down? They are gorgeous, so thanks for sharing them.
    I, too, battle with feeling like I'm neglecting friends when I don't have time to post or visit. But I think everyone goes through busy times and blogger friends are very understanding. Their just happy when you're back!
    I agree, I have done so much more since blogging. I do have to have something to blog about after all:)
    Have a wonderful weekend and don't stress at all when life temporarily takes you away from blogging.

  17. Thanks for a great visit, Joan! I really enjoyed your unique shop and can understand why it would be difficult to leave without a purchase:) Blogging is an enjoyable creative process for me, and more so when I can comment back and forth with interesting folk like you who I discover in cyberspace. At first I responded back in my blog to comments, and I still do if a commenter does not have a blog, but otherwise I tend to visit my commenters blogs and leave comments there. The technical aspects of blogging are challenging for me and I have lost track of some bloggers I was following, or they stop blogging and I miss them, but understand there are only so many hours in a day :) Blessings to you and yours...healing...hope! Thanks for posting and commenting when you are able to do so.
    xx from Gracie

  18. I'd love you to visit and leave a comment, but if you can't that's quite alright. I enjoyed your photos of the colorful decorations.

  19. Joan- I think we all wax and wane at visiting and posting comments. It is just a crazy world, isn't it? I, too, find that I get pulled into the world of blogging. It is a good escape for me in ways..but I don't want to get so pulled into the computer that I forget to live life so I have started reducing the hours I spend here. I love visiting your part of the world and the comfort that is given to you, and received from you, is such a blessing! I hope you had a wonderful day- xo Diana

  20. Nice photos Joan. The nice thing about blogging is that it is a pressure free environment. Blog if you are inspired to do so, and don't worry if you aren't. Same with leaving comments. Have a lovely day. xx


  21. Upside down Christmas trees are so fascinating and fun.
    Lucky us that you have shared.
    Happy Advent dear Joan!

  22. Hi Joan... please don't stop blogging...and don't feel pressurised either... just blog when you can and pop into other blogs when you can... if it becomes a chore it isn't worth it.. sometimes I only comment on 1 blog out of 100... but I read 100's every day... there are many more people out there who love visiting your blog than you realise....and as you know, the bloggy community is an amazingly supportive one......hugs, Jillx

  23. Dear Joan, I hope your husband is making a good recovery and that you are taking care of yourself too. x your blog is lovely, but what you need to remember is that is also Your's. Your's to decide when is good to post, and what about, and to do so without apology. A friend who critizes you is not a friend at all, you are not blogging for them, but for yourself. I also feel that comments are gifts that are given, and shouldn't be expected.

  24. I sweet friend. I have been awfully busy with my boutique and all, and also have done very little visiting lately. I hope my faithful blogging friends understand, as I try to remember that when their visits are sparse, life may be very busy with them. Don't stop blogging. There are going to be those occasional comments that make you question yourself...but just keep on doing what you are doing! Loved the upside down trees!

  25. Hi Joan. This looks like just the sort of place I love to browse around. This blogging question comes up in a lot of peoples' blogs from time to time. I have certainly commented on it in the past. When I first started, I always used to reply to each individual comment in my post. Then when I asked around, it would seem that a lot of people just haven't got time to go in to the same blog post, just to see if you have replied to them, so I stopped that! Especially as you get more and more followers, it becomes more and more difficult! I find that I have the same little core of people who ALWAYS leave a comment, so I always do the same with their posts. I then tried replying to comments by e-mail, but I then found that this was taking up such a lot of time as well, so now I don't respond to comments, which I DO feel guilty about. We have to have a REAL life and I know that most people understand that. It is a difficult one though! As someone said to me, blogging is meant to be fun - NOT to try to make you feel guilty! Just do what you feel that you can, that's all I can say really.

  26. What a fabulous place! Please don't tell me where as
    I'd need a bigger bank balance ;o)
    I try t read as many of the blogs on my reading list as I can, but I certainly don't have the time to comment on all of them, I don't feel guilty anymore though - home and family have to come first!
    Hope hubs is feeling better.
    Rose H

  27. Oh, what a fun place to stop and have a sip! The decorations are very trendy and unusual, I like it! I am happy to see that you are getting out and about!

    Please don't stop blogging! I know it is hard to 'keep up' with comments and visiting, but I do it the 'sneaky' way. I take a few moments here and there in my busy day and read a couple of posts and comment on those, one or two at a time. Not hours and hours of sitting on the computer. I do my blog posts late at night or early in the morning when I feel inspired. I comment on a couple more blogs. Little by little I stay 'in the loop'. Easy! A few more during a lunch break, a few more while waiting for Hubby to get home. Little by little.

    Hope you are having a wonderful week! Don't give up! Hugs to you! xx

  28. Joan, I only blog about once a fortnight so don't comment on peoples blogs unless I have put a new post up. I don't want to waste peoples time by maybe directing them to my site if nothing has changed. And I do try to remember to go to those who have commented on mine, but maybe I sometimes forget. No disrespect intended towards anyone.
    Everybody is different so just do what you are happy with.

    I love the little cafe you visited, that is the second time in just a couple of days that I have seen upside down Christmas trees. Fascinating.


  29. This was a wonderful post and a beautiful shop! Name of the shop? Love hearing from you whenever you have time.

  30. Ah, the deadly commenting etiquette, people get tied in such knots, me included.

    I think as long as once in a while, and it can be quite a good while, you leave a comment with a person who visits you they'll be more than happy. None of us can pitch up and read every post on an active blog, let alone find time to comment on them all. If the folk whose blogs I comment on never ever commented on mine - I'd far rather people commented on my blog than emailed a thank you for any comments I leave them - then I guess my own commenting on their blog would tail off after a while, though if I liked the blog I'd still keep reading it, but the point is I'd easily forgive a lack of comments back as long as I got the odd one. Does that make sense?

  31. I take blogging breaks sometimes of a week or so, and then I get behind terribly! I feel I should visit everyone who has commented on my blog posts while I was "away" and it usually takes me another two weeks just to get "caught up." :-) But, I think this happens to everyone, and if I just visit one or two blogs at a sitting, I get there eventually. :-) Don't worry....we're all in the same boat! Neat pictures of this VERY decorated shop!

  32. My darling Joan, don't ever feel bad that you can't do it all. Do whatever fits your life and schedule. No one is going anywhere, we'll all still be here when you have the time to share something. Life is meant to be lived not spent in front of a computer.

    but it IS addicting, isn't it??

  33. Joan, your post came at such an opportune time.

    I'm dealing with time issues as well, but I love my blog friends. What to do?

    Anyway -- I likely need to get out and see some holiday decorations to get in the mood. So dry and warm here. xo

  34. Hello Lass! So nice you popped by! I never get to comment as much as I'd like either. I know there are gals out there blogging for the connection and I have met so many warm friends on the internet. There is so much generosity out there. But blogging is my way of sharing my creative life, and I don't have as much time to visit as I would like. I feel guilty too. But I love the whole thing to give it up any time soon! So nice to see your corner of the world. I hope you are doing well! Happy Christmas dear!

  35. Hi Joan - I seem to have missed more than one of your posts so I'm skipping back. It's very hard to keep up with all one's bloggy friends, especially as the group gets larger and larger all the time! I too feel guilty about not reading and commenting on everyone's posts. I don't know how to manage it, while keeping up with life and cooking and husband and housework.

    Every good thing you said about blogging is so true. Just keep it up as best you can - for myself, I'm always glad to hear from you and other bloggy friends, but I certainly don't expect you all to comment on every post! I think most of us feel the same. Any contact is welcome, sporadic or frequent. We're connecting, and that's what counts.

    Hope you're feeling much better soon. :)

  36. I have already let you know my thoughts, just post without obligation my friend.


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