Monday, 2 June 2014

Feeling Better!

My dear blogging friends
A very big THANK YOU......
for all the kind thoughts and messages..
winging their way across
land and ocean.

I so appreciate each one of you!

As we walk and talk together
I just wanted to take you to one of my
favourite places.....
a garden centre and nursery
that also has two restaurants.....
one with a decking overlooking the gardens
and ponds.

I've brought you here before
but I come again and again .....
so I hope that you will keep enjoying it with me!

My friends have brought me here
several times over these last weeks....
just before my op...
and certainly since I had it four weeks ago.

The food is excellent...
and the peace and tranquility...
just quieten your soul!

Hold on a minute.....
Now what can those be?
I haven't seen them before......

No, I really don't know what it is!!

This is my wonderful friend (who has really kept my spirits up by taking me out every few days....)
investigating this flower for me...
how far does friendship go??

I still don't know what it is!!

We walk to our favourite place to sit and enjoy
the peace and tranquility...
and always...
breathe a sigh of relief....
 when we find that..
nobody else has taken..
what we consider 'our place'!!

From here
there's a lovely view of the ponds

and in the other direction....

and look at all those fish.....!
We love to sit and watch them jump
on a lazy summer afternoon

I find it a wonderful place
to be at peace...
but others
have a different agenda.....!!

now....what can he see...?

Those darn fish......

The operation went well and people
are saying that they can see 
that the pain has gone from my face.
I am also told by so many
that I'm walking straighter......
I am just so grateful.

It's been a long six and half years
of being in wheelchairs, on crutches 
and in so much pain.......and
operation after operation.

I do so hope that
this will be the last and that I will be able
to cast aside these crutches
(I have been told I will be on them for a while longer)
and be able to go on my favourite
coastpath walks
and be free to do so many things.

It's true
You don't value things until you loose them!!
I enjoyed the walks...
and the holidays abroad...but..
in a way
took it all fore-granted!

I think (hope)
that I have been learning....
not to rush hither and thither....
To not fill my days so full..
and feel pleased when I have been able to slot
yet another 'important' thing in.

To take time and enjoy
the beauty that is all around me...
the friends that have rallied around...
and unselfishly helped me.

I learnt to blog during this time...
and have made so many friends all over the world.
Thank you all.... 
for supporting me through.... highs..
and lows!

It's been a like
a series of stepping stones....
each one bringing
a new view of life....
or a new thing to learn.....

Through you all and your craft stories and pictures
I learnt to crochet...
( I have just finished I pram cover for a friend's grandchild)

I already knitted a lot
but I've learnt to be more adventurous
and have even joined a Knit a Long!!

I've had the wool for 3 weeks
but haven't yet started!!
I am awful to start things....
I keep putting it off.
Afraid of getting it wrong....I expect!
I love the colours of the pattern

but unfortunately
they don't suit me so I bought these...


Someone else who enjoys the gardens!!


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  2. Oh Joan when I seen your post up this morning my heart beat faster because I knew you came through and am now on the wonderful world of recovery and discovery. YEAH.
    Oh to have friends like that are one of the best things in the world, I have friends like that and I like you have no idea how I could get through the tough stuff without them.
    Oh you are going to heal and wander and dream life is good and now I will rest easier knowing you are indeed getting to where you need to be.Good luck on the knitting project. I am so happy for you. HUGS HUGS B

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  4. Joan, I am so happy to see a post from you and hear that you are doing well.
    A good friend is hard to come by and I think you have a precious jewel

    Your photos are wonderful!

    Take care!! HUGS!!

  5. So happy to hear from you Joan! And even happier to know that things are improving for you. I do hope those crutches will soon go away for good. Thank God for good friends and peaceful gardens, for medical care, for healing, and for YARN!

    Looking forward to seeing your shawl.

    P.S. I think the falcon (?) has its eye on a fish dinner. :)

  6. Joan, what a pleasure it is to read your blog today and to have you share such a peaceful place with us! How I would LOVE to be there, too!

    I continue to send along my good wishes for your return to painfree walking!


  7. So good to hear you're feeling better!! but does anyone know the name of that flower????

  8. So glad to see your post and your beautiful pictures. Keeping you in my prayers for your recovery.

  9. Wonderful to read your post today and see through your eyes. So very happy for you that you are in less pain and that you have dear friends and that you can get out and enjoy the beauty. Hugs from BC Canada.

  10. I am so glad you are finally starting to heal. This place looks very healing, beautiful and peaceful! I love your yellow flower reflections, and this bird is a new one to me.

  11. Joan- It is so nice to see such a bright and beautiful post from you. It sounds like you are doing wonderfully well. I am so happy that the operation was a success. I know the failures were very hard on your overall-physically and mentally. God bless you as you continue to heal. Now get those needles working, okay? lol xo Diana

  12. So good to see your post. I'm glad you are moving toward no crutches and away from the pain. I love this place you went to, so peaceful and lovely. Keep healing and learning to take things more slowly. Life is full of adventures waiting to be discovered.


  13. Glad to hear you are feeling better! Thanks for the update.

  14. Wonderful news Joan . . . So thrilled you are feeling better!

  15. I'm so pleased for you!!! What wonderful news, enjoy every moment Joan!


  16. Lovely to catch up with you, Joan. I'm pleased you are feeling so much better and hopefully those crutches will soon be a thing of the past.
    Did you ever find out what that flower is?

    Take care,

  17. Bless your heart Joan, I have been praying that you are doing well. So glad the operation went well and that you are recuperating. Pain is a horrible thing to have to deal with. Jump into that knitting pattern, your yarn choices are perfect.
    Hugs to you,

  18. So pleased to see your post. I was just wondering how you were. So glad that you are through the operation and are doing well. I wish you a full and speedy recovery. Pain is a dreadful thing. Since I have been feeling better everyone has said I have got my sparkle back :-) . It sounds from your post that you have yours back. Hugs Anne x

  19. So glad things are going well for you. Cheers from Carole's Chatter

  20. Woo Hoo!!! I am celebrating your progress with you, Joan. Thanks so much for posting and letting us know the latest :) xx

  21. Sooo happy to hear you are feeling better Joan, what a lovely friend you have to! Thank you for the beautiful walk! Hope each day is a better one for your recovery!!

  22. Lovely, peaceful surroundings indeed. I certainly hope and pray that you are well on the road to recovery and will be able to walk about as you please free of pain. Best wishes, Tammy

  23. Now that is good to hear!!! Very pleased for you that you are feeling better and you are out and about enjoying the beautiful countryside.
    very best wishes

    Amanda x

  24. So glad to read that you are feeling better Joan. And are knitting :)

  25. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that this op works, Joan. So glad you are getting out with your sweet friend.


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