Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Progressing !!

 getting there!!

Having crocheted the last 2 blankets for my Mother
I decided
to make one for myself!
I took a long time getting the colours 'just right'!
Hubbie says that 
it looks like strawberries and cream...!

I am so grateful to Attic 24
for yet another great pattern....
I have just 2 more rows and the finishing off and edging to do and it will be 'done'...


Why haven't I finished it??


I came across this pattern in my folder
and loved the colours 
and wavy effect
so I downed crochet hook,.....
.....ordered the wool..... and started on it....


I knitted the front and started on the sleeves
but I just couldn't 'see' the pattern
and so 
the increases on the sleeves became a nightmare!

I've knitted plenty of Aran
and fairisle in my time
but I could not get this pattern into my brain...


I took it all out and 
started on the plain version of it

I love the colour 

(the wool is Sirdar Escape)
but am so disappointed
that I haven't managed the fancier pattern!!

I can't say that I am as keen to knit it
as I would have been...


.....when I came across this pattern for a shawl...
Wingspan (byMaylin Tricoterie Designs)
I knew my Mother would love it!!

.....I downed knitting needles.....
..bought some
Manos Del Uruguay wool....
.....picked up a circular needle ...
and started on it!!

The picture at the very top is when it was blocked.
I went to see my mother last weekend
she loved it!!

My brother is taking her on a surprise holiday
I can't tell you or 
he'd have to cut my tongue out!!

I'll tell you on my next post..!
I should be OK then!!
But she intends to pack it as she's so delighted!

So .... 

I've finished the shawl
I suppose I shall have to go back to finishing off
the blanket
and the blue jumper

I've just seen a pattern for a lovely shawl
to crochet for myself....

What do you think??
Should I do the finishing off.....
or start the shawl??


Today's our 47th Wedding Anniversary

This was us celebrating 2 years ago.

Tonight we are
taking our son and daughter...who live locally..
...and grandchildren of course..
out for a meal 
at one of the local child-friendly restaurants!


A couple of weeks ago
I realised that I had passed my first blog birthday!
I can't believe that it's over a year
since I started last March!!


in my next post (hopefully at the weekend!)
I am going to have a small give away
as a big thank you to all you blog friends.....
who have supported me so lovingly 
over this last year!


I saw this quote in a book recently....

"Know yourself.  Don't accept your dog's admiration as conclusive evidence that you are wonderful."
(Ann Landers)

Not much more to be said...
is there??!


  1. Very beautiful work you do. Of course your Mom would love that.

    I enjoyed your blog thanks for sharing.

  2. You two are just so gorgeous. Happy Anniversary. I love everything you have made and I have to say that as beautiful as that sweater was, I think the beauty of the blue yarn is just perfect for something simpler. I bet your Mother loved, loved, loved that shawl.
    Hugs to you Joan,

  3. Happy Anniversary,Joan! What a sweet milestone! Beautiful photo of you both with radiant smiles. You are a very talented needlewoman and I would be very happy with your beautiful sweater just as it is. I have found some patterns are simply written wrong (I crochet) and have had to finish by guessing! What a lovely gift for your Dear Mother and your blanket is so bright and cheerful. How nice that your Mother is getting a surprise trip!
    Hugs, xoxo

  4. Happy anniversary! I love the blue colors for your sweater and love your shawl too. I wish I could knit, but I'm just too clumsy. I always admire the people who do.

  5. I love the colors and the patterns on all of these, they are gorgeous!!!! The different reds and the brilliant blues. Happy anniversary, may you have any more, so glad you are having a big get together, Maybe pictures of the celebration next post?

  6. Happy Anniversary! I love seeing the photo of the two of you. It's nice to know what our blog friends look like! You are so beautiful! Love the shawl. I'm crocheting small projects! Having to relearn some things! Hugs! PS Didn't you tell me you saw black squirrels where you live? I posted the one I saw here today.

  7. Love the Wingspan. I recently made one for a friend who lives in Neyland, so now there are two lovely ladies in Pembrokshire wearing one.
    Happy Wedding Anni, enjoy your meal.

  8. Happy Anniversary!!! (Wedding & Blog)

  9. *H*A*P*P*Y* * *A*N*N*I*V*E*R*S*A*R*Y*!*!* and you're both gorgeous! How nice of you to make your mom such a gorgeous shawl! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  10. Congratulations on your Blogiversary and Weddng Anniversary ... Lovely pic of you both!

    Love all your wooly craftiness too

    Claire xx

  11. Oh Joan Happy 47th Anniversary I aspire to reach that one someday My Hero with the same strength and courage that both have you have shared through thick and thin as they say. Oh I am so happy for you have a great night out.
    The shawl looks wonderful on your dear Mom.I cannot wait to hear where she will be off too. Nice work you do. Hugs B

  12. You and your hubby look so nice. You are a whiz with the crochet hook. :):) love your projects.xoxo,Susie

  13. First of all happy anniversary! Have a wonderful evening.
    You are making some amazing things - and yes I love those blue shades too. It's been years since I knitted, but one of the things I made was in 'blackberry pattern' the decreasing was a nightmare - the pattern was wrong! My mom was great at sorting things like that out and had it for a few days to see what was wrong, and then re-wrote that part of the pattern :o) maybe yours was wrong too?
    Happy blogaversary too!
    Best wishes
    Rose H

  14. I love your work, Joan, whether with the crochet hook or the knitting needles. The shawl is beautiful, and I love the blue of the sweater. I agree - strawberries and cream!

    Happy Anniversary to you! You are ahead of us by three years!

  15. Congratulations on your anniversary! I hope that you have a lovely time. Jx

  16. Very Happy Anniversary wishes! Lovely needlework!

  17. Gorgeous crochet and knitting . . . such talent!
    Happy Anniversary . . .
    Happy one year blogging . . .
    I would say, do what lightens your heart, start something new or finish the others . . .

  18. wow! so much excitement! i love your crochet and knitting! the shawl is lovely. my sister jana brought my husband mark a prayer shawl when he was sick and i keep it by my bed. congrats on your anniversary you are blessed.. sending lots of thoughts and prayers for many more years together. a wonderful picture! hope your meal with family is perfect!

  19. Congratulations on your anniversary darling Joan! and I love those blues as well. and the strawberries-and-cream blanket and the shawl. My goodness you're keeping busy!

    Enjoy the rest of your week xox

  20. Hi Joan!
    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you and Hubby!!! How exciting to celebrate such a great anniversary and with family! Our 38th is coming up soon~ :)

    Love all your projects...esp the gift for your mom.
    I understand being disappointed with a pattern you try. I tried one for a friend and for the love of me could not get it after 20 hours of working on it. So she had another lady do it, and it took her a long time to figure out the mistake in the pattern and get it right. I couldn't do it!

    Congrats on your 1 year! I must have been following you as soon as you started! LOVE your banner picture on top~ So beautiful~ ♥♥♥

  21. Oh I do love those blues! You are so talented!

    A very Happy Anniversary to you both!

  22. Happy anniversary Joan.

    You do lovely work. I love the shawl you made for your mother.

  23. Happy anniversary Joan. I hope you have many more. A lovely photo of you and your hubby.
    You are a very talented lady, your crochet and knitting is lovely. If it was me I would have to go back and finish the other pieces started, but that's me - you do what's good for you :)


  24. So much excitement and happiness in you world. Congratulations and best wishes to all.
    Go ahead and start another project. They are all looking so lovely!

  25. Happy Anniversary and Happy Blognniversay. You have been busy with all these projects and they look fantastic.

  26. Happy Anniversary, Joan!

    I'm so glad you decided to blog and are celebrating your first Blog-Birthday as well!

    Each of your projects is beeeeeautiful!!! I can offer you no advice of how to procede because you are making such lovely choices yourself :-)

    (I finished another row on my shawl :-)
    Gracie xx

  27. The shawl for your Mom is beautiful!!!!! She will love it forever!!
    Your knitting has really come along!!!
    A very Happy Anniversary to you!!!!
    XO Kris

  28. Happy Anniversary to you both. I hope you all enjoyed your night out!!!
    You have been so busy with your knitting and crocheting. The shawl for your mum is absolutely lovely. I hope she enjoys her surprise holiday - I'm sure she will though :))

  29. Great post. Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby. I love the shawl!

  30. Belated Happy Anniversary wishes to you and your husband, Joan and the longevity of your marriage is something to be proud to share as you did in the lovely photo. Wishing you another great celebration and many more happy years together. Congratulations on the blogging milestone as well. The knitting projects look wonderful and I admired all of them as this is a talent I do not possess.

  31. Happy belated anniversary. I hope you had a lovely celebration. All of your projects are so very pretty! I would say quite an accomplishment to get even just one of them done. :) Best wishes, Tammy

  32. Happy Anniversary! I love to see your crochet. It's so pretty!


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