Sunday, 21 April 2013


I was shopping
with my daughter and youngest grandson...
when I came across
this little cat.

I decided I had to buy her
yes, I am convinced it is a she cat!

I said to my daughter
"She seems to be a cat with attitude!"

and my daughter said,
"You mean.......

It would seem
that she also has a short attention span
is something coming??

Yes...a badger in our front garden......
at 4 o'clock in the afternoon!

We just couldn't believe it!!
In our the middle of the day!

He and another badger..(his mate?) visited 
regularly over the next few days

We have a lot of wildlife here already

See an earlier post

We also have many foxes....
and lots of beautiful birds

I really love all the wildflowers and noticed some pretty


and celandines in the hedgerows.

What have I been up to recently?

Well I've been sorting out and wanted to share my inspiration with you.

Perhaps you already do this but it's 
a new idea for me...

I have a load of scarves
of different hues and materials.....

they are all jumbled up on a shelf 
in the cupboard..

so I 'borrowed'
a couple of my husbands trouser hangers


It also leaves the shelf free for the other rubbish 
 precious things that I need handy.

I proudly showed the finished article to a friend 
who said...
......"I wonder how long it will stay like that?"

What do you think!!?

Oh no....
look at her...she's bored with all of this
has turned her back on me!!

I told you
that cat has attitude!!


  1. Brilliant idea for the scarves. Love the new Cattitude Cat, she is most definitely a she. We do not have badgers in this part of the country and I believe ours are brown, I would have loved to have seen the ones visiting you.
    Hugs to you Joan and hope you are feeling well,

  2. What a fun post. She does have Cattitude!!! I would put her in charge of keeping those scarves straightened out now that you have them all nice and neat.
    Our state is known as The Badger State and the badgers are MEAN-not something you would want to get close to here. Amazing that you saw them in broad daylight like that- xo Diana

  3. A ver colorful kitty, Joan, and will look forward to seeing it in future posts. We don't have badgers around here, but are more likely to see possums and muskrats. Just this week, my husband came upon a mother possum that had been fatally injured, but the babies were alive, so he called a friend who took them to a wildlife rehab person and they are doing well and they will eventually be released. Wonder if your badger(s) will keep returning.

  4. what a great way to organize your scarves.

    wow, seeing two different badgers that is great. what a different sight to see. i will have to read about them. i know a bit but wish to know more. what they eat & all that jazz.

    love that cat. too cute!! those colors are so great.( :

  5. Cute Post and cat with a cattitude!

    I hang my scarves, two or three on one hanger . . . of those wire hangers with a cardboard paper roller. Not the prettiest hanger but it works for easy grabbinheld the scarf I want for the day. My problem, many scarves, many hangers, taking up hanging space . . . but like you, it is freeing up shelf space to be used for ???

  6. Love your cat with cattitude! Wow haw wonderful to see the badgers. May adopt your scarf idea. Mine are all stuffed in a drawer and I forget what I have. Anne x

  7. I am loving that cat! I don't think I've ever seen a badger!

  8. It is wonderful to see a post from you Joan. I am so happy that you are feeling better and able to be up and about.

    I think your cat is so cut! Cattitude! I like that.


  9. Of course I meant to say the cat is cute!!!

  10. Oh my! That cat is precious...I mean SHE is precious! I don't want her to get an attitude! heehee! Love your scarves all organized. What a great idea! And you know what? I don't think I've ever seen a badger...he's BIG!!!

  11. Such a cute cat, and I love your word "catitude". Someone should have come up with that word a long time ago. Also great shots of that badger... I have never seen one of these in "real life " before. How amazing to have these wandering around your yard.

  12. Love the Cattitude can't wait to show my wife. The Badger is interesting looks a little like a Raccoon. Love your sense of humor have a great day!

  13. I love that cat!!! How funny!! What a sweet post, loved it Joan. Love your new scarf holder, too. What an inspired idea!

    Have a lovely week xox

  14. Oh Joan I love your cat with Catattide she is adorable and I am so happy you are out shopping with your daughter and grandson that sounds like a fantastic way to spend your day.
    Love the Badger I have never seen one before we have Skunks on out lawn lately:)
    Oh Enjoy your life Joan you make me smile thinking of your joy HUG B

  15. I love your Cat-itude!! sp? That Badger looks mean. Are they? Great idea for your scarves!!!!!

  16. Hi Joan. I love your little cat and, yes, it's definitely a female! Too pretty to be anything else. You sound in good form today if I may say so, so that's good! I love primroses and was interested to see the celandines, as we have lots around the edges of our garden, which is surrounded by fields and I didn't know what they were called! Fancy seeing a badger like that! We have couple of pheasants in tne garden which we enjoy seeing.

  17. I love your colourful cat.
    I always think there must be something wrong if you see a shy nocturnal creature out in day light? But you do have lots of wildlife visiting your garden you are lucky. Xxx

  18. I love how you organized the scarves. And the cat is really awesome, I would have bought her in a minute! OH MY, badgers!!! I don't even think we have any in this whole state, but I may be wrong. Are they destructive, are they bothersome?

  19. Quite the colorful cat and look at the badger and pheasant! Lucky you!!!

  20. Haha! Loved your post and how you photographed Ms. Catitude! Great idea for scarf organization- my scarves are also jumbled on a couple of hanging shelves. I can't believe you got to see badgers. Wow, what a treat. We do not have either foxes or badgers where we live. Was the badger eating something in your yard? Have a great week :)

  21. I just loved this post. Good idea for the scarves - I ended up throwing most of mine out (giving them away) because I realised that I never wore them. Cheers

  22. Great post! Thank you for the nice comment on my blog!

  23. I love the cat with attitude!
    What wonderful visitors to your garden - they LOVE peanuts you know... It's been years since I saw badgers up close and personal, sadly too many are road kill round here. You're lucky that the Welsh Assembly are vaccinating them against TB instead of the mass 'cull' the idiots in London have decided upon :o(
    What a wonderful way to display your beautiful scarves :o) Mine are hidden away in hat boxes.
    Have a great week.
    Rose H

  24. I love that 'catitude!' - I think yes, most definitely a cat,

    Nina x

  25. She's definitely a "she" ... are you going to name her? She reminds me very much of some papier-mache cats sold in one of our favourite caf├ęs - I believe they are made in Africa (the cats I mean). :)

    How fun to see a badger! Especially for a transplanted Wisconsinite like me - Wisconsin is the Badger State (as I believe someone commented above) and the badger is also the mascot for the University of Wisconsin at Madison. Your badger looks exactly like Bucky Badger the mascot. :)

    We actually saw a badger once ourselves - in daylight - and in busy Madison of all places. We had parked next to a drive-through restaurant to eat our hamburgers and fries. In front of us was a field, and beyond that the expressway. Imagine our surprise when out of the bushes walked a badger, who poked around for a while, then ran away as soon as Mr. M opened the car door.

    Your scarf organising idea is terrific. :)

  26. Nice catwork, and good organization. You have great set of flowers there.

  27. That is a colorful cat! I like the scarf organizational idea. We're home from a week at the beach.. what a fun time! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  28. Wow! What a treat to see badgers like that in the daytime!!!

  29. Gorgeous flowers!
    The badger, now he would scare me!

  30. Wow, I have never seen a badger in person, how amazing! And the pheasant is gorgeous. We enjoy seeing wildlife in our yard, too. Mainly squirrels, chipmunks, and rabbits. But sometimes we are lucky to see deer and raccoons. Your kitty is cute:)

  31. Dear Joan, You know I love all animals but due to the fact that cats give me asthma and severe allergies, they are not my favorite-but I like this one and yes she has catitude.
    Love your wildlife-badgers-wow!!! I've never seen one before. I love your scarf hanger-so organized. Maybe I should do one too.
    Have a wonderful day!
    Hugs, Noreen

  32. Hi Joan. So nice to hear from you. You know how I love cats! This is definitely a girl with cattitude!
    Thanks for sharing the tip about organizing your scarves.
    We have a little dachshund and I believe badgers are what the breed is trained to hunt - I've never seen a badger before.


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