Wednesday, 17 May 2017

So Long



I can't believe that it has been so long since I last posted.
I don't know why I haven't written.
Life just seemed to get too full and it's too easy
to let time without posting....
drift by.
I have had several more operations.......
one because the fixing in my back loosened.....
so they had to reopen and start again!!

I was also studying with the Open University.
It was supposed to take
16/18 hours per week......
I'm afraid I took much longer!!
My assessments gained good marks though!
So, here I am
I'm looking forwards to catching up again.
I wonder if there are many out there
who remember me???

These photos are from a holiday

I took in Dorset
with a friend
The top 2 are a beach at Charmouth.
Although it was out of season
there were still a lot of people scouring the beaches at low
tide trying to find fossils.
This is an area well known for fossils.
I did have a look but
ended up buying some to bring home.
It's so hard to believe that
the stone you have in the palm of your hand
is an animal
that lived 195 million years ago!!


These next few photos are from West Bay.
A popular UK detective series was filmed here
My friend was an avid follower
 so we had to have a lot of photos taken here.
I have to say that the rock face was stunning!!
We drove further along the coast to
Hive Bay
and saw the other side of the hill

There was an artist on the beach
and he looked so small against the cliffs

It was good to come home again
and see our hedgerows
full of flowers


we are just so fortunate where we live!!


We even have wild garlic
in our hedgerows
One thing I have started to enjoy
since I last wrote is

There's something very calming
and satisfying
about choosing stickers and placing them.
I hadn't realised what
a huge community there is
of those who enjoy, and take great pleasure in sharing,
their finished spreads!
I love starting with a blank page....
perhaps colouring it a little..
before fixing..
different shapes...
and journaling around them
This one is particularly pretty.....
sells some beautiful foiled stickers in...
her etsy shop

So....there we are.
I think that I've caught up?!
I look forwards to visiting you.....
and seeing what is happening in your lives!


  1. Of course we remember you...and I've missed you! I know how busy it gets and I've got a new computer so I'm a little faster right now! lol LOVE playing in a journal, gluing and making it pretty. Would love to walk and look for fossils, too! Hugs!

  2. Sweet friend, what a joy to see this post! You certainly have been missed. And oh my, you have been busy!

    Thinking of you, dear one. Hugs!

  3. I certainly do remember you and am so glad you are back! You live in a gorgeous area and your hedge grow, as you called it is stunning! I have been watching the series of Escape to the Country. It takes people that want to move out of the city to the country in England, and I think there was one episode in Scotland. Oh my, the scenery makes my heart skip a beat! Hope your back is doing much better!

  4. Welcome back! Glad to hear you are doing well and having some adventures.

  5. I am just thrilled to see a post from you after all this time. Thank you for doing a 'catch up' post. You ahve been a busy lady. I hope that you are feeling completely well now and that you are enjoying life.
    Love to you--keep posting- xo Diana

  6. Hello. I've often wondered how you were. Good to hear from you. My mum lives near Charmouth. You have certainly been busy. Anne x

  7. Welcome back! I enjoyed seeing your photos and reading your story. Thanks for stopping by my blog.. that way I knew to check your blog! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. Hello, good to see a post from you. You've certainly been busy. Well done with the assessment marks, studying takes time. Hoping your back is okay now and you won't need any more surgery.


  9. WOW. welcome back my dear friend you have been missed.It sounds and looks like life is busy and exciting. Retirement from farming is quite a change I am sure. I am happy your health is going in the direction you need it to go. HUGS HUGS B

  10. Welcome Back! I am so glad you came back to let us know how you've been and what you are doing these days! yes, I've wondered! Love the pictures of your homeland. Would love to see it in person some day! But this will have to do for now. May the Lord continue to strengthen you and keep you. So happy to know you are doing so well!! Praise God.

  11. I actually popped over to your page not a month ago to see if you had written anything lately - so pleased things are going well! Enjoy your lovely surroundings xox

  12. What a wonderful surprise. Welcome back . . .
    Happy you are feeling "chipper"
    Look forward to see you here agsin and again.

  13. Oh How I have thought of you so often and hoped you were well! Welcome back!

  14. Great to see you back blogging. I must look into scrapbooking. cheers from carole's Chatter

  15. Of course you are remembered. Welcome back. Sorry about your back problems and hope it is cleared up soon. Love your photographs.

  16. welcome back.....I thought that wasn't Pembrokeshire at the beginning of the post! xxx


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