Saturday, 19 July 2014


I know that my Title is 'Pink'
and this is a blue flower.

I just wanted to share my thoughts
on the fact that
we determine what is going to happen
or we think...
by a word or chance remark
and then...
perhaps go on our own bunny trail.....
we get thrown
and question why ...what..?

I've been unable to spend time in the garden
as I would like........
..and, suddenly,.. 
as I looked out of the sun room window....
I realised that practically all the plants 
in my patio garden
are pink!!

The old pergola 
is showing a lot of signs of age
(like me....I sigh)
and the winter storms
have pushed it over at a frightening degree!

I do love to look out and see the flowers
it just brightens up the day!

To get back to expectations...
how hard do you find it
to change the train of thought that
a word or an incident starts off..


For me...something can trigger
a train of thought
that might be nothing like the other person intended
as they started to speak...
but I ...
have gone off on a totally different track
and it can be hard then
to see what the other person meant!

My physio said that the back pain.. 
may never get better....
and I was immediately
going back down the tunnel of despair.

He said we won't know for another 12-18 months
how bad....or good....
it is going to end up!
I asked 
"Why the fusion of the 4 vertebra then?"
He said that
the collapse of my vertebra
could have got so bad
that I might have ended up in a wheelchair

I immediately latched onto the negative
and started down the winding trail..
on reflection..
there's a lot of positive 
in what he says..
and I have to relearn
to pick up the positive and stand on that!

Talking of expectations ...
and looking at things in certain ways...

The flowers I have shown have all been
and taken...
whilst I have been standing with my back to the house
looking at the patio....

When I turn around 180*s.....
look what I can see...


While I had been thinking all is pink...
when I changed direction...
there was blue!
this little agapanthus
is very special to me as...
when my mother and I went to Madeira
it must be nearly 20 years ago...
we went on a trip right up into the mountains..
and there were farmers selling the plants.

Mum and I bought a few...
I gave some to my daughters...
and planted some...
in my garden.
They became overgrown with weeds and brambles
and I thought I'd lost them...
a couple of years ago..
hubby was clearing the area for his new tool shed
when he said....
"This is a strange weed"

I couldn't believe it...and rushed to put it in a pot...
where it's stayed until...
a couple of weeks ago I saw signs
that it was going to flower..


there's a lesson for me there....
to not hear the beginning
without hearing the end....
but also..
not to go down the same old road...but....
to turn right around and look for...
the unexpected...
the signs of hope and change...
that perhaps I will be able to regain 
some of my old life...
and do...
some of the things..
that I used to do and enjoy before!

Sorry about all of this..
but it spoke so powerfully to me!

I couldn't finish without showing you
what happened last week..

as you know
I planted all the trees and shrubs etc 
when we built our house.
These last few years
I have been unable to do any weeding etc

and it has really upset me
especially this big border by the wall.

a team of young people from a church in Aberystwyth
came to our area for a week...
to hold tent meetings
for the community
and they also

offered to help weed gardens of those who were having difficulty in doing
all sorts of other hard to do jobs!

I so wish I had taken 'before' pictures
perhaps from the mounds of weeds
you'll get the idea!!??

I am just so grateful to them....
It has really cheered me up....
In fact...
the other afternoon.....
I was so busy looking at my lovely new border
I nearly drove into the wall of the house!

What a great way
of showing God's love...
through serving people without expecting
anything more than thanks!

The other good thing is 
that part of the garden has been tidied up
to celebrate my mother's visit.

She is hoping to come at the beginning of August
to celebrate her 94th birthday
with the family in Wales
She is much fitter than I am
so I expect
I will be able to twist her arm
to do a guest post 
as she has done these last couple of years!

Perhaps if you ask nicely......
(She reads my blog)
so you can ask her yourself

Thanks for allowing me to take you 
around the ideas that seem to be filling my thoughts!


  1. Your post today was so meaningful to me and I thank you for writing it. How wonderful that the youth group volunteered to help others. Raises hope. When you Mom visits it would be wonderful if she would write a post. May Dad is 94 and he writes a post at least once a month on his blog.

  2. Oh thank you for sharing this story. It's so beautiful...
    I will pray for your healing and for the Lord to help you through this hard journey.

  3. I would love to know what the blue flower IS! But pink, of course it is a very cheerful color, just perfect for your recovery! You have such a good attitude! Do any pain pills work?

  4. I enjoyed reading your thoughts today and totally agree with you that you must make the effort to think positive and let the negative slide away. That is very wonderful that those people cleaned your border up for you, just in time for your mother's visit! I do hope she does a post. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. I know it is hard to stay positive, and after a few minutes of feeling negative, (which I think you should allow yourself) you pick up the pieces and trudge forward, making a new path. I wish you the very best for a positive outcome and I send you healing prayers. And of course we would love a guest post from you Mum.

  6. Dear Joan, I've missed you but this has been such a busy summer,that I haven't gotten around too much. I'm sorry you are still having such issues with your back and mobility. So thankful for the young men and women who came and helped. Your garden is always beautiful-your plants divine. Hope you have a delightful visit with your mum and that each day is better than the last. With hugs and prayers.

  7. I 've missed you S"O much! I do drop in from time to time, especially to immerse my soul in that magnificent vista on your header. I'm glad to hear of your progress, and that you're enjoying your lovely garden (what at gift that was, all the clearing and neatening of all that lovely ground). You know, sometimes a gift doesn't mean "given," for occasionally a "taking away" can be a sublime present to receive.

    Also delighted that your Mama will be visiting, and I'll look forward to reading her posts, as well. She's a charming lady, and I remember her fondly from other posts.

    I still stand in awe of the scenes and vistas you live with every day, and am glad for that, as well---living surrounded by such beauty cannot help but refresh and redecorate our souls. I don't know about there, but in the American South, we have sayings about colours: "Feeling Blue" is when you're down, or not at your best, or sad about something. "In the Pink" connotes that you're at the top of your game---in happiness, health, emotion. You've beautifully expressed both, today.


  8. Nice to see you around and sorry to hear the back pains are not getting easier to manage.
    All the best and enjoy your little world! I enjoy seeing what you witness daily!

  9. It is so good to read this post from you, Joan! Patience is difficult for an of us, and it seems your situation will call for a lot of it. I send along my hugs and well as my wishes for improvement to come sooner rather than later!

    Hoe exciting that your mother is coming for a visit! I've loved reading her guest posts on your blog. and would be thrilled if she thought to write another.

    Sending you the very best!

    xo Nellie

  10. Beautiful post Joan . . . filled with lament and resilience . . . May you continue to enjoy the pink with surprise celebrations of blue . . . journey on my dear one . . . we never can be sure what new and wonderful may be around the corner . . .

    Wonderful gift of giving, the weed cleaning crew . . .

    Celebrating the birthday of your mum, of 94 years will be wonderful! Please tell her for me, Happy Birthday and I would love to read another of her guest posts!

    Today I will celebrate you Joan . . .
    Love, Lynne

  11. What a beautiful story. I haven't been as faithful to read your posts lately due to a lot of things going on in my own life and I've kind of gotten behind. I am sorry to hear you have had such health issues. I too have had a spinal fusion of 4 lumbar vertebra due to 'isthmic spondylolysthesis', or "slippage of the spine". My surgery was in 2007, and I thank the Lord every day for the healing He brought me. I would have ended up in a wheelchair too eventually if I had not had the surgery. I will pray for you to heal and be strengthened every day. I know having your Mum come to visit will be a joy for you and you will have a blessed time together. I will pray it so. Such a wonderful thing for the young people to do for you! I can only imagine how wonderful that has made you feel. Such a marvelous ministry. I love the blue flower that came back to you after so long. God loves to do special things like that to cheer us when we are down. Praying for you dear friend across the sea.

  12. What a blessing for all those young people to come and tidy your border, it looks lovely. The pink flowers and then the blue agapanthus is a lovely contrast and as you say we need to focus on the positives and not the negatives. It's great to hear from you again, I always enjoy your posts and photographs - they are usually so insightful. And I am looking forward to reading another post from your Mother aka Fading Gingernut.


  13. What a lovely post,lovely words and I'm so pleased you have found a way to manage your pain. I haven't seen your blog for a while and enjoyed my visit today Hugs jeanetteann

  14. I ALWAYS love your posts. But this one...oh my. Powerful profound humbling.
    Take Care dear one.

  15. Oh Joan it is nice to see a post from you and what a beautiful collection of flowers you have. It is so nice that the church group came to help it looks wonderful.
    I am so happy you are on the mend and wish they could be positive no pain but life I am coming to know myself has pain we must carry be that physical or mentally but humour and friendship and the love of family will make you forget it most days if you let it.
    I cannot wait to read a guest post from your Mom it has been awhile and look forward to her wit and charm.
    Take care of your self dear Joan and I know you can get through anything you are very strong. HUGS HUGS B

  16. A perspective beautifully shared, Joan. While my circumstances may be different than yours, my process of feeling and thinking is much the same, and enriched by what you shared and how you shared it. Thanks. I hope your mom will join you in posting again...such fun banter between you two :)

  17. Beautiful Wales, beautiful garden. I love looking at the flowers and the view. Will be following now

  18. what a powerful post, I do hope you hang onto the positive and your back does get better too. As for all those young people helping in your garden, well that just gives one hope in human nature.


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