Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Home from Hospital!

I don't look like her!!
Even though I am a farm girl

I came home from hospital
a couple of weeks ago.

....and I don't look like her either!!

It was a much bigger op
than they had intended
so I had to stay in longer

and since then have been 
heavily dosed with pain killers
so that I haven't felt like,
or been able to do,
very much

I am beginning to feel
a little brighter
and so wanted to thank all who sent cards
and good wishes for my recovery

I am told
that I have to stay heavily medicated
for a long time,
and that the nerves that were so badly crushed
will take a long time to regenerate
and cause a lot of pain,
and other strange feelings,
but that it will all be worth it!!

A few days after I came home from hospital
I had a phone call from a paramedic saying 
my mother had fallen in town
and was being taken to hospital.

She has fractured
her right wrist
and is badly bruised and has wrenched muscles
in her left side
Bless her heart she doesn't need this
as she is 93!
You may have read a couple of her guest posts

I find it very hard
as she lives 200 miles away
and I long to be able to go and help her
but there's nothing I can do!

Life's hard....isn't it!?

My daughter and family
came on Saturday
and took the Christmas tree and decorations
down from the attic

and yesterday
a friend came and put decorations
on these twigs
so I thought that I would show you

a few of the things
that I have collected over the years

Thank you all so much for your kind words
and support.

May you all have a Blessed Christmas
and a Happy and Healthy
New Year!

Do you think
I might look like her??



  1. So very sorry your Mom fell. My Dad is 93 and he fell (again) this year too. Takes quite awhile to heal and get mobile again. My Dad is up and about and claims he feels just fine. You've had a long bout this time. So very glad you feel up to writing a post. Recovery road takes a lot of patience and rest and medicine too. Hugs from Canada. I was thinking about you and wondering how you were doing. Your Christmas decorations look great.

  2. How wonderful to read your post today! I have wondered and wondered about you and hoped that the surgery had gone well. Recovery is just going to take a long time. I truly hope you will be feeling much better with time.

    It is disturbing to hear about your mother.;-( No, she certainly didn't need this fall! I hope her recovery is going well.

    Here I am - in good health - really behind with my own preparations here, and I have nothing to blame except my lack of organization, perhaps.;-)

    Merry Christmas to you!

    xo Nellie

  3. Dear Joan,

    I am so glad to see a post from you as I have been worried about you. Very sad to read about your mother's accident. My thoughts and prayers are with you both!!

    Merry Christmas!!


  4. Dear Joan so very pleased to hear you are back home now. I always think that being back in ones own home is the first big step to getting better....but step by step it is and in no time at all you will be on your feet again :-) You are home near Christmas too so that is definitely something to be happy about. Sorry to hear about your mother and not being able to go to see her which must be quite upsetting!

    Take care now

    Amanda xx

  5. Oh MY, I see I have missed your last several posts! Sometimes Blogger just removes a blog from my sidebar for quite awhile, then puts it back on. But I have just read back a few posts and am now caught up. I hope you will be feeling much, much better! And i am so sorry about your mom, and that you cannot be with her now. What did the doctors operate on, and did they declare it a success?

  6. Oh Joan you indeed look like that angel. I am so happy you are home and have no doubt you can do this recovery thing, yes it will be tough but being that farm girl you do know how to do it. Your Mom is going to be fine she will be looked after and I am sorry I know this must be hard but she would be the very first one to say don't worry take care of yourself and she will be OK.
    I love the decorations and it was so nice of your family and friend to decorate for you.
    I do wish you the best my dear Joan Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year and you are going to make it through this just fine because you know the end result will be so worth it.xoxox HUGS HUGS B

  7. I'm sure you look as sweet as your little angel. My prayers and wishes for your recovery. So glad to see you posting and I hope you grow stronger each day. Adding my prayers for your mother!

  8. Yes, you are our Christmas angel. It's so good to hear that you are home and recovering. I'll keep you and your sweet mother in my prayers. Your decorations are very sweet...and so are you. Happy holidays my friend. Take care of yourself and just rest. Sending you bunches of holiday hugs from Florida, Diane

  9. Thanks for letting us know your latest news, Joan. I am glad the doctors expect you to feel much better even if it may take some time. I am sorry that your mom fell, and can appreciate how sad you must feel not to be with her helping, but I am certain she appreciates you cheering her to recovery. Blessings to you and yours this Christmas and on! xx

  10. Good to hear you are home. I really like your decorations. So sorry to hear about your mum. I know how difficult it is when they live so far away as it is the same with my mum and she has had health problems this year. She has had a pacemaker fitted and so is feeling a lot better. I hope your mum makes a speedy recovery. Hugs Anne x

  11. Love all your cute ornaments! Glad to hear you're home from the hospital and on the mend. Hope your health continues to improve! Happy Holidays!

  12. Oh my dear.. you have had such a rough time. I'm so sorry for your mother, too.. who will take care of her? How nice of your daughter to visit and put up decorations for you. Sweet child. My daughter is 3000 miles away.. it's awful. I will never forgive my SIL for moving her so far away from me. To be by HIS mother. ::sigh::

    But.. have a great Christmas.. my good thoughts are with you.

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  13. Dear Joan, it's always good to see a pits appear from you. You've certainly been through the mill, haven't you, and I pray that you will gradually recover and that the operation will have been a success. Your little decorations are delightful. I like them all, but especially the little angel at the end. I'm so sorry that your poor mum had that fall. Now you will be worried about her! I hope she has someone close by that will be able to pop
    In to make sure she is okay. Take it easy and I wish you a happy , blessed and joyful Christmas, and I pray that 2014 will be a much happier and healthy one for you b

  14. All the best for your recovery Joan. And sorry you can't be with your mother as she recovers too. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas. Carole from Carole's Chatter

  15. Merry Christmas Joan. It's so goo to have a post from you. I'm sorry to hear about your mother, wishing you and her all the best for your recoveries.
    I love all your Christmas decorations, the twigs with the decorations is a brilliant idea, especially for someone with limited space.
    Looking forward to hearing from you in the new year.
    Best wishes for a happy, healthy and prosperous new year for you and yours.


  16. Joan, of course you are an angel, at least to me you are. Hope that the recovery goes smoothly, and that you heal a lot faster than you anticipate. So sorry to hear about your Mother, she knows you want to be with her but it is your time to heal. Lovely Christmas decorations, they must brighten your day.
    Hugs to you and Merry Christmas,

  17. My wish I have been sending this year is for a happy, healthy, magical New Year. I am doubling that wish for you! May the days get better and better! Love, Lynne

  18. I have missed what happened that triggered your surgery, but so gratefful that you are home and will be ok with some patience. So glad that your decorations are up with some help as I think the lights and warmth of Christmas can give you so much inner strength. Sorry about your mother and hope that she is able to recover from her fall. Blessings to you in this christmas season, and give your self the time it needs for healing.

  19. I do hope you can find some ease this Christmas Joan. And that your dear mother makes a speedy recovery x

  20. So glad you are home again, Joan ... and I pray that your recovery will go smoothly and better than expected. So sorry to hear about your mom - my dad just had a bad fall, and scared us all very much. Here is to speedy healing for the Aged Ps, and may they be extra careful when moving about.

    Your decorations are so cute, and yes, I think you do look like that lute-playing angel. Only your wings are not gold, they are softly rainbow-coloured and iridescent. :)

    Hope you have a blessed and peaceful and comfortable Christmas!

  21. A Blessed Christmas to you and hope the recovery is gentle!

  22. Belated Christmas wishes, Joan, and it was wonderful to not only read your post but to see the holiday decorations. So sorry to read about your mom's fall and your surgery and slow recovery and pain. I hope that time will prove healing for both of you. And, yes I do think you are like the angel.

  23. OMG Joan! i pray this New years Day finds you recovering well as to your mom.. so hard to be so far from you mom right now and to take the time to recover but its so important to take those meds and do just that. i will be back to check on you and sending thoughts and prayers!

  24. Hi Joan I just wanted to say hello and I am thinking of you. Hope you are mending well. Lots of hugs. Hug B

  25. I hope that you are feeling better Joan.
    I must have missed a couple of posts. I didn't know that you had been ill.
    may 2014 bring you good health,love and peace.
    so sorry about your mum.. wow 93.. i hope she is now on the mend.

  26. I thought of you the last few days and realized I had not visited in awhile, very remiss of me, so sorry! And here you are, full of news with such a difficult beginning to the year!
    Thinking of you and hope you and your Mum are soon on the mend!
    Happy New Year!

  27. So sorry about everything. Praying you are feeling better now then when you wrote this of course and your mom is doing better also. I imagine that has been very hard not to go and help her but glad you had a daughter and friend to help you. Such sweet blessings. Hope your New Year is good.

    God speed

  28. Joan,
    I hope the New Year finds you and your mom both on the mend and on the upswing to a good year.
    Wishing you all the best,

  29. Oh my, I've been out of touch. I need to read up and see what is going on with you being in the hospital. I enjoyed seeing your tree decorations. I'm so glad people helped you with that so you could enjoy for Christmas. Sorry to hear about your Mother.

  30. Glad you had your surgery, sorry about the long recovery, but it will be worth it. Sorry about your dear mom! Hope she and you are getting along alright. Keep getting better and heal as fast as you can.


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