Thursday, 27 June 2013

Beautiful Wild Flowers

I have to say that I don't like buttercups 
in my flower borders....
they are just so invasive and try to fool you that they are not really there by hiding amongst
the other flowers...

It's not that I don't like wildflowers in amidst the cultivated plants....
in fact my borders are full of pink campion 
at the moment....but you can see them coming...
buttercups creep in..... 
like commandos seeking to infiltrate their enemy lines!

I have to say that this year the fields and lawns have looked glorious in their golden mantles patiently ask....
who won the Giveaway??.......ah yes....nearly forgot..


Please visit her....she would be delighted to see you!!
I wish I could send each of you
a gift
as I wanted everyone's name to come out of the hat!!

Right .. now...
where were we.....

Our road is so pretty 
with all the wildflowers this year that I just have to show you what I pass 
as I go in and/or out every day

I am so involved looking at the variety and beauty I could easily
  forget that other people use this road too!!

.....and it's narrow!!

I so appreciate being able to drive again
and every trip is just so special..

Things I used to take so much fore-granted
now become special delights!

I have always enjoyed beautiful scenery
and flowers.
They touch something deep inside
but now
they seem to have an extra special quality!

When I was small..... 
we used to call these 'birds' eyes' 
They are so very pretty and delicate.....

even the dock seeds add an extra beauty of form

and colour!

While the foxgloves 'stand guard'
over the hedgerow!

The elderflower is in full bloom.
Time-was when I used to collect the blossoms

to make elderflower cordial...or champagne

Whilst the pink campion...

There is such a variety of colour and shape in the hedgerows this year

I hope that you agree with me
and have enjoyed the trip along one of the narrow roads of Pembrokeshire?!

and have savoured with me my delight in all I see

One of the things I wish I could have captured
were the flocks of beautiful
that arose from feeding on the seeds in the hedgerow
as my car passed......


  1. What a very lovely drive you took us on in Pembrokshire. Thank-you.

  2. Just beautiful.
    Woolie Hugs

  3. How beautiful,I so love wild flowers in the natural place they appear. :)

  4. I do love the hedge-lined, narrow roads in the UK (unless I'm meeting a huge tractor). And I so enjoyed the photos of your wild flowers. Beautiful. We have white campion but not pink. The foxgloves are so pretty!

  5. Congratulations Mrs. Micawber.
    Joan oh this is a beautiful drive I am so happy I was invited along. I love all the flowers I love buttercups I always have but I have to say my favourite are you elderflower I am not sure if I have ever seen them before they are beautiful.
    Thank you for taking me along and I am so happy you are out and about on narrow beautiful roads. Hug B

  6. Thank you for the view along the road! Congratulations to Mrs. Micawber!

  7. We will be in pembrokeshire on sunday for a week, hope all the lovely flowers will still be in bloom.

  8. Lovely photos - you live in a beautiful part of the world. Jx

  9. I have always loved buttercups. Phil pulled a bunch out of the yard and panted them in our flower bed. I loved going along with you on your trip, so beautiful! I like how you say the hollyhocks are standing guard, it really does look like it!

  10. Everything looks SO BEAUTIFUL!

  11. Isn't it amazing how many wildflowers there are alongside the road? I love them! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  12. What a wonderful, wonderful trip along your lane. I am SOOO happy you are able to drive again. That task was a long time coming, wasn't it? I, too, enjoy all the small bits and pieces of everyday life that I see all around me. Just today I wanted to stop and take a picture of the tall bright thistles that dotted the roadway but I couldn't because it was on a ramp and a curve. I loved this post! xo Diana

  13. Thrilled you are able to drive again and see the beautiful Wild Flowers . .

  14. Lovely just lovely.

  15. SO glad you are up and around and able to drive too! My goodness, what a lovely variety of blooms in different shapes and colors. I've not seen wild Buttercups before- so pretty. Happy summertime :)

  16. Such beautiful flowers...I love the variety, scattered about and cared for by God alone! Thanks for capturing that!

  17. I did not know that about buttercups! They sure are pretty in your photos as are all of the flowers you have shared. The sweetest narrow road ~ thank you for the scenic trip :)

  18. How beautiful! Buttercups are the bane of my gardening existence! I hate how they grow right next to the root of my perennials, so when I dig them out, I can't help but pull out an iris, or a daylily or....

    I told my husband they do it deliberately and he said that weeds are not capable of intentional harm. HA!

  19. Buttercups are among the first wildflowers to bloom on fields and lawns and can be very invasive, but they are so cheerful in color. Thanks for sharing all the roadside beauties in your area, Joan. Glad to read that you are driving again.

  20. Congratulations to the winner :-)
    The photographs are so lovely. I was just saying to DH the other day how beautiful I thought the wild flowers are. Your post has also reminded me that's it's been a while since DH and I visited Pembrokeshire. We really must remedy that. So pleased that you are able to drive again. ugs Anne x

  21. oh your wild flowers are just gorgeous, I feel the same about buttercups, I don't want them in my flower beds, but I love them everywhere else. xxx


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