Sunday, 16 September 2012


I've been getting on with crocheting hexigons
when I can carry only a small
bit of wool with me

and when it's impossible to lug along.......
my Granny Stripe Blanket

I've tried out a couple of designs.....
and a few colours

and have to say that I really like these blue mixes and....

But the jury's still out
as I'm aware there are an awful lot more patterns
out there...
any ideas/suggestions?

I still have to sew in all the ends...
decide what I am going to make with them.....
any more suggestions!?

With the hexigans
I wanted something light and easy to do when I'm sitting with time on my hands.

I shall be taking them with me when
I go into hospital today.

The hospital is 100 miles away and I have to phone at 10am to see if there's a bed.

If there is I'm due for back surgery on Tues
I'm taking my iPad with me so hope to catch up with all your doings...even if I can't write myself!

Otherwise I'll.....
catch up again in a week or so I suppose!!!


  1. I love all your hexies but particularly Heidi's African Flowers.They're so pretty. What about a 'seaside' blanket made of hexies all in blues, greens and other seaside colours? I've seen quite a few of these being put together recently on various blogs - I guess because of all the Summer visits to the beach - and they look stunning. A lovely way to remind you of the summer during those dreary winter months! If you look at this link and scroll down, you'll see a colour palette for the sea which is gorgeous. Hope that helps and good luck with your surgery. x

  2. Wish you good luck with the surgery. I like african flowers very much. I still have lots of them, I used to crochet them 2 years ago. I did make a bag with it. I have seen beautiful blanket with them too. Groetjes, Gerda

  3. These are lovely...most of all I wanted to say I will be thinking of you while you are in hospital,many blessings from me to you.

  4. Love your hexies, very pretty ... Good luck in hospital, and look forward to your speedy recovery.

    Claire xxx

  5. I hope all goes well for you in hospital. I really like the blue/green circles, they will make a very pretty blanket.

  6. I like the blue mixes of colors as well, for your crocheted hexigans . . . A lap blanket or wrap would be pretty. I'll be thinking of you these next days and hoping for all things to go perfectly for you. And I will look forward to your "iPad touch" connections with us!

  7. I like the blues best, but I am really anxious to see your finish product. Smiles, Susie

  8. Sounds like you are ready with your iPad and crochet. Sending you positive thoughts and prayers for you surgery and recovery after.

  9. Good luck today x

    Loving the blue hexies :D

  10. I'm keeping you in my prayers this week and hoping everything goes well. I love the purple and lavenders. Take care my friend...sending you warm hugs!

  11. Good luck with your surgery Joan. You will be in my prayers. Love the hexis!!!
    XO Kris

  12. I hope the surgery fixes you up in tip top fashion! Thank heavens for the iPad, huh? I love mine! Your hexies are gorgeous.. I'm loving the pink and purple-y ones. Hang in there!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  13. Good luck with your upcoming surgery. How wonderful you are planning activities and to keep busy. I'll be thinking of you. Susan

  14. Your hexies are looking lovely - such lovely colours. Can you make a wee blanket out of them?
    Good luck with your surgery and I'm hoping your recovery time is quick. Sending you hugs :))

  15. They're all pretty. My prayers are with you for your surgery. As a recent -- 3 months -- back surgery patient I am wishing you a successful surgery and a great recovery!

  16. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!! The little crocheted "flowers" are adorable.

  17. Beautiful handwork and I hope you are up and around soon! Good luck to you!

  18. Beautiful colors.
    You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  19. Good luck at the hospital, Joan. I too like your mix of hexies. If you don't have enough for a blanket, how about a table runner?

  20. wow! You are doing great with the crochet. Your hexagons are lovely. Great colors. Sending healing wishes your way, Tammy

  21. hope your surgery went well and you make a speedy recovery

  22. Oh I do hope you get the surgery over with and get back home to recover. I will be thinking of you. Take care HUGS B

  23. The hexagons are beautiful! Good luck to you in the hospital. I hope you are able to heal fast and completely.

    God bless!

  24. Me again I do hope things are going well and you will be back home soon. HUGS B

  25. Hi there. Just to let you know that you are now one of Carole's Chatter's four Featured Personal Blogs. I review these every couple of months. Have a nice week.


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